View Poll Results: How do you like your SP dressed when she arrives at your door?

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  • Classy, ie: Cocktail dresses, Blazers, Slacks and Heels.

    23 31.94%
  • Casual, ie: Jeans and Blouse, Street fashion.

    25 34.72%
  • Fetish Requests, ie: Leggings, Micro Skirts, Anything super revealing, Stockings.

    15 20.83%
  • Surprise me!

    3 4.17%
  • I don't care what she wears!

    6 8.33%
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Thread: How do you like your SP dressed when she arrives at your door?

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    Question How do you like your SP dressed when she arrives at your door?

    I'm curious to know which is most popular outfit you desire your SP wearing? (When she arrives at your door for an outcall to your home).
    • Are you more concerned about discretion than your SP dressing in a sexually appealing way? -- If so what is considered a discreet outfit to you?
    • Is the outfit she arrives in [an outfit request] part of your fantasy?
    • Do you prefer or are curious to see what she looks like in a casual, everyday kind of setting?
    • Do you prefer her to dress in a sexy yet classy manner?

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    Back in the old days, i expected a high end sp to look the type, meaning nicely dressed...just like we'd go out for an expensive dinner or to a nightclub. A few years later, i didn't really care how she dressed. I was seeing girls of all types and from various agencies, low end-to mid level-to high end. How a lady dressed wasn't as important to me afterwards since i realized that whatever she wore would be coming off soon anyway.

    But as i've grown older, i've learned to appreciate the beauty of a woman more than i used to. I mean, it's not just about looks, but how classy she is and that she takes care to look her best when she's coming to see me. When there was a time that a girl entering my room wearing a small top and short-short jeans shorts would turn me on, i realized with time as i get older that a beautiful woman wearing a dress and looking classy turns me on as much, if not more.

    It also depends where i'm staying. On my last trip, i stayed at the Crystal. I appreciated the fact that every girl i saw there was dressed elegantly and conservative. As the old saying goes, she didn't have the word SP written all over when she walked into the lobby. And if people around me guessed that a particular lady may have been an sp, then i actually felt extremely proud that i was the one who would be spending time with this beautiful woman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BookerL View Post
    Point taken,

    but there hasn't been a poll and I am curious about the results.

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    Depends on the occasion: a cocktail dress, high heels if its an evening outcall at an upscale hotel.
    Street casual if its at my place..probably better not to draw the attention of the neighbours.
    As a general rule I like it simple, tasteful, classy, no flashy makeup or very revealing clothes

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    Heels, cocktail dress, mmmm mmmm mmmm. Dress to impress and leave the heels on!

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    Old tight t-shirt with no bra some jeans to pull out!
    Undressing a woman it's like opening a present!
    Love it when sensual and great way to start intimacy!
    Please no bra ! Still to complicated for me

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    Hey Kitty. It's a good question, hard to answer for me because I like all of the above, other that personnally I don't have specific outfit requests.

    I like a woman who dresses to look good, and I tend to prefer a classy sexy dress to a slutty outfit, althought I don't mind it once in a while as a fantasy (I don't date girls that dress that way so it's a different thing for me).

    I also looove a girl that is sexy in simple everyday clothing(has to be chosen well, but still can be simple), and it's indeed more discreet.

    Hope it helps

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    I need to choose Classy. I may want to extend things to dinner/lunch and being Classy is a must. If the exchange rate keeps becoming favorable once again dinner/lunch would be on the table.

    If I want poorly dressed/too casual then I go and choose a civie chic where heading to the Eaton Centre food court is all I need.

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    I will say it again. I want the shortest, tightest, and cladssiest black dress she owns. I want heels and I want them high! I have never measured them but 5" should do. I want stockings!!!! Black thigh highs. No fucking neon fucking weird colors and no fucking weird ass patterns. I want the classic black with maybe classic fishnets or just the line up the back etc and I want a stay-up lacy tops on the stockings. If you have a nice tan or a dark complexion white looks great. I want her to accessorize. I like a long necklace of pearls or even gold that wraps around her nipples as we fuck. I want nails on hands and feet done, smoky eye lids, and lip gloss....I want, I want, I want!!!!! And the aroma....I want to smell some sexy scent of purfume. I want to drink it off them. I want white teeth.

    I seldom get this. However, there are many girls that have gone out of their way. The following girls wore all but the stockings: Isabelle D, Chloe, Gabrielle Garnier, Leah and Geanna of Eleganza. A girl that Jimmy of Wild Times sent over (forgot who the hell she was but she dressed to the Tee including the stockings). Megan wore lingerie that one poster described as bridal and I concur.

    Now, if you are lucky enough to get an invite to one of Iggy's parties most of the girls will dress like this. I have had a field day in the past. It is so worth it just to see the girls dressed to impress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ita View Post
    That's all right
    Also sexy policewoman outfit with platform high heels will work for me

    Ok, that is nice, ok, on my next rendevous i will play this video and have the girl mimic every single mov, lol.

    Thor Jr

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    Totally agreed,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor Jr View Post
    Ok, that is nice, ok, on my next rendevous i will play this video and have the girl mimic every single mov, lol.

    Thor Jr
    Yes, this is what I want. I want her to mimic every move. BTW - did you see how she looked at herself in the mirror after? Did you see her legs and ass as as she walked off with that bottle of wine? I want this and I would follow her into the next room and enjoy her sexiness.

    Pay particular attention to the end of this video. See how her ass looks as she wlaks off with the bottle of the wine? Listen to the clickity-clack of the heels.

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