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Thread: 2014 huge drop in prostitution crime stats

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    2014 huge drop in prostitution crime stats

    Statcan released the canadian crime stat for 2014 yesterday

    Here's the summary for prostitution related cases

    Statistics 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

    Actual incidents 3,020 2,452 2,102 2,046 1,073
    Total, adult charged 2,096 1,578 1,245 1,193 307

    Number of adults accused dropped by 4.

    Of course, 2014 is a special year because LE across the country waited for the new law. We'll have to wait one year to get the picture with the new law. I would expect the stats to stay as low as those for 2014.

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    Good stats ,however without Knowing the volume of prostitution every year ,to see if there's a drop percentage wise .
    It does have less meaning



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    There was no legal reason for a drop of volume in 2014. The new law came in effect in december.

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    I think a lot of clients vamoosed, and many part time ( student ) SPs is waiting on the sideline to see if it is safe to get back in the game. They can go another year with the old Ipad.

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    What's up with that new law? Is it just me, or I didn't notice a sudden increase in busts or arrests.

    I don't think prostitution went anywhere, anyway. Ads are still up, board's still active, the yearly tradition of posting a "why is business slow" thread is being respected. I'm not saying it is not slow, it could be, but it's still there.
    I dunno, that's the problem with the hobby, we never get reliable data as to how many hobbyists hobby and how many providers provide. All these tax dollars evading a government who prefers to spend our tax dollars to fight a boogeyman called prostitution that most Canadians don't even want fought.

    I know, I'm off topic

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