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Thread: risk of hidden cameras in swingers club .

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    risk of hidden cameras in swingers club .

    Hi folks, I posted this question in another thread but want to keep this one ----> moderators please delete other one if you feel its necessary thanks.

    Ok. Folks, I a little while back made 1-3 visits to a swingers club nothing exciting, but I wanted to know something. I want to work in public office one day.

    I stopped going there, because of risks of hidden cameras and stuff, despite 1-3 visits. I am wondering , would you in my shoes be worried about running for office in the future?

    Serous responses please.

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    I won't go to a swingers club because that's really not something I want to get involved with.

    BUT the risk of hidden cameras is now everywhere. I've never really enjoyed outcalls and this is just one more thing to worry about.

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