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Thread: Montreal high standards in Halifax

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    Montreal high standards in Halifax

    I will be in Halifax in 3 weeks and I was wondering if I will be able to find high class agencies with stunning girls like we find in Mtl....

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    It's mostly independents and touring ladies I'm afraid. Halifax should have one but I can't think of any that currently exists. If there are any, it wouldn't be high class like mtl. Best to lookup the review boars. The maritimes scene isn't popular here, best to check out another review board more active. PM me for more details as I'm not sure I'm allowed to publish it here.

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    You should have put this in the 411 forum.

    Anyway, try googling Emily Rushton escort and you will find a very nice lady based there. I have not had a private encounter with her, but I met her at a Montreal get-together and liked her looks and personality. In the unlikely event that I found myself in Halifax, I would book her. There are also some Montreal escorts who tour to Halifax. See the sub-forum about that area.
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    If you still have interest on Emily Rushton, I saw one of her ads elsewhere indicating she will be touring MTL in early November for just a few days. I already booked time with her . You better book early if you're interested, just like I did, otherwise, it will be too late.

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