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Thread: Has this ever happened to you?

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    Has this ever happened to you?

    I'm not even sure if i should be posting this but i was wondering wether this type of situation happens more than i would think. I work in the travel industry and have tried out many Sp's from around the world...unfortunatly back then i did'nt know about this site so it was always the good 'ol phone book and luck of the draw. Since i was making quite a bit my budget was in the area of 200 to 400 so i was getting most often then not pretty good looking Sp's. Im a young good looking guy who's very friendly and extremely curteous. The hotels i was put in where usually upper 3 to 5 star hotels.

    Now that i put you in the context heres the situation: It happened to me 4 or 5 times where i would call an agency (not in Montreal) and when the girl would show up (usually very good looking) she would either ask me if i didnt mind having her call the agency to tell them i wasnt answering and on my side simply ignore the phone when they would call my room or; in the other cases she would ask me to call the agency to let them know she hadnt showed up so i would simply cancel the apointment (usually this happened late at night around 2-3ish)and she wouldnt answer her phonewhen they would call her...(making me look like the the asshole in both cases lol). After that was out of the way they would either take the money and stay a few hours or in 2 cases spend the night(and would offer multiple services wich i usually refused seeing as how i didnt mind the company).

    I'm not sure if this the right thread to put this in so if it isnt i apologize and would like it properly placed.

    I'm curious to see the feedback you all have to input and if this has happened to you (common practice or dangerous game on my behalf?)

    Cheers Guys!

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    my guess is that the examples you've described are quite unusual. Personally, I have never been told by an sp to call her agency back or not to pick up my phone. Once I tried to call an agency back on behalf of my date to let them know she had arrived and was now taking a shower, but the agency insisted on talking directly to her in order to confirm my word and make sure she was safe. In fact, it's usually the opposite that happens, that is, your date insisiting on confirming with the agency her time of arrival, and informing them how long she'll be staying.

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    This situation seems quite believable in countries or cities where decent angencies\pimps and other courteous johns may be very few and far between. After a rough day, or a previous night where they make have been shaken down, it may be the best way to have a safe night for some mistreated girls. On the other hand it could be a ploy to rob you blind while sleeping, which could in fact be set up by the agency or pimp at the discretion or apparent opportunty ascertained by the girl.

    Tough situation to turn down if you have no qualms about screwing with your reputation.

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    This has actually happened to me twice in Vancouver, once in Calgary and twice in Regina. And the reason i actually posted these on Merb is because i was wondering if anyone from Montreal (or visiting Montreal) has ever had a similar experience IN montreal...does that make more sense?

    Cheers Guys!

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