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Thread: Agency girls advertised as indie

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    Agency girls advertised as indie

    Don't you hate it when you call an escort who's advertising as an independent and when you call you get an answer from an agency . So here i am calling this certain # that i found browsing on escorts canada website and saw this picture of this goregeous girl called Sara (German) advertising as an independent, which is what i prefer. i try to avoid using agencies i have been pretty lucky using independents.
    So i decided to call and ask for Sara and the girl on the otherside starts saying that she is Sara's receptionist. She sounded very young and inexperienced so i quickly asked if she is working for Sara. So she answers by saying that Sara is working for the agency and that she is not an independent . So i played along wanting more info on Sara's service and i get the standard 90 for1/2 hr & 120 for the hr .

    Anyways it turns out that Sara is working for this agency called "sweet sensations" on Jeanne Mance and Sherbrooke . I did a search did not find much feedback on this agency, so chances are the pic's are fake so i won't bother with this agency unless someone has something good to say .

    But whats the purpose of advertising as an independent, when you actually work for an agency ?

    John wad

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    I could make some guesses as to why:

    1)She is trying to drum up business herself.

    2)It is more expensive for agencies to advertise.

    Personally I would suspect #2, because if she is willing to invest in advertising, then why work for an agency, unless of course she prefers someone else answer the calls etc., but then again she is risking that the agency divert the client to another girl.

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