EMAIL: [email protected]

Upcoming Tours:

I'm happy to announce plans for my first tour! I will be in Toronto and in the U.S. on the following days:

Toronto: September 16-19
Chicago: September 21-24

Please note that my rates may differ in different cities, so please consult my website for my Toronto and Chicago pricing.

New Rates

After much consideration I've decided to raise my hourly rate to $350/hr for all clients (full rates can be found on my website). My hope is that this will allow me to start to reduce my hours, answer all of my emails, and to provide even better service! These new rates apply ONLY to bookings made from this point on. If we've already set up an appointment, I will honor the rates we originally agreed upon.


November schedule now posted on my website!


Just a friendly reminder that emails should be reserved for booking purposes only. While I would absolutely love to chat and catch up with you, I have far too many emails to be able to do so! And for those who I have not answered in the last few weeks, please accept my apologies. I have limited time to answer emails and sometimes I cannot get to all of them. If you have not heard back from me please resend your email .

Zoe xx