I freely admit that this aggravation was due to my being too careless to read the fine print, but I still regard freeshipping.com as engaging in misleading practices.

Here's how IC freeshipping works. You go to a website (in my case, fragrancenet.com) and order something. They offer you "free shipping", but tell you that you have to sign up with the company which handles their deliveries: freeshipping.com. They do charge of your credit card (a somewhat smaller than average amount) for the shipping of the item(s) you just ordered even though the company from which you ordered and the name of the second company (freeshipping.com) suggest that there will be no additional charge for shipping. Worse, however is seeing a charge the next month on your credit card from freeshipping.com (despite ordering nothing more). You didn't actuallly pay for shipping. Apparently, you are paying a membership fee, every month forever.

I called freeshipping.com to cancel my membership and cancel the charge for the second month. They agreed quickly. Merchants can lose their credit card processing if their chargeback rate exceeds 1%, so that is probably why.

I suspect that fragrancenet.com got a commission from freeshipping.com.

I don't know if this is a coincidence. I also saw a charge from a company which I had never heard of - PW Inc. on my credit card bill. As I rarely order online, I can only wonder if either fragrancenet.com or freeshipping.com passed my credit card information to them. By the way, I wouldn't recommend fragrancenet.com either as they ship samples and possibly worse without informing the public.

After making a chargeback for PW Inc., I cancelled my credit card.