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Thread: Have you cut your hobbying down due to c-36?

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    Have you cut your hobbying down due to c-36?

    I have actually increased it this year since c-36, but there have been changes. A lot of people left the business and there are less clients according to my personal survey. What is your experience?

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    No, zero impact.

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    Yes and No. Yes in that I stayed away from Montreal (and Canada in general) since C36. I have indulged in Europe since then, and in one occasion flew someone from Montreal over there for a meet. So while I am still enjoying myself, its not in Montreal. Now that almost a year has passed since C36 and there appear to be no big changes, I am planning a return tour.

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    I don't have any fears as long as it's with a reputable lady/agency. I'm still more afraid doing it in the states than post c-36.

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    From my return to the Montreal hobby scene last week I have noticed nothing has changed. I spoke to a few SPs about this and they were not concerned as well. They were like "How can they prove this? We could just be friends meeting up!" The girls stated that the law is more concerned/focused on having minors involved. The massage places are continuing and consistently growing. I didn't partake though. As I was walking through St. Catherine and the massage tourist traps of Drummond it is business as usual. Coming down from that cool Lebanese eatery, Basha, there was a dude promoting Nuru right by the shared entrance.

    I don't know how things will change in the future but for now things are what they are before all this.

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    It didn't change anything for me. We have to remember that we went from one criminal law to just a different criminal law. Much is still the same. The difference is that outcall is now also illegal for clients, but if police never arrest incall clients they won't go against outcall either. Outcall clients are more difficult to bust.
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    Nope, no change
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    I increased the amount but I take a lot less risks

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    for's business as usual.....un peu craintif en début d'année......mais tout est revenu à la je ne crois pas que ca good hobbying.........

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    I like to live on the edge, so no change for me either

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    Absolutely not... I am staying away from police targets; minors, illegals and hard drugs. I spoke with a former prosecutor, and that is what heconfirmed me. Police as any other government départements have to manage with reduced budget and ressources. Therefore they go with their first priority.

    Also keep in mind that sex industry is very important for Montréal economy.

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