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Thread: How important is the time of your appointment ?

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    How important is the time of your appointment ?


    My question is more for men, but ladie's input are certainly very welcome. I believe that the best way to understand each other, is by communicating.

    So my question is :
    How important is the time of your appointment ?
    • exemple: 1st appointment or it will be another day
    • exemple: 1st or 2nd appointment, or moving to another plan;
    • not important as you know the lady has the attitude and energy whatever time you meet her;
    • etc...

    Thanks in advance,

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    I used to prefer to be the first... but over time I noticed that there are too many delays which often scrapped my appointments
    After years... its whenever I'm free that will matter most
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    When looking for a quick oral session, i have no specific preferances except the lady being available when i'm looking for it.

    For lovemaking sessions or a quick encounter if i can plan ahead and be the first customer of the day, i sincerely appreciate the encounter more.
    Usually its a mental thing, convincing myself that for some reason she would be cleaner at the start of the day (even though i am aware consciously that its irrelevant..a clean person is always clean)
    I also notice that girls whom i repeat with are tighter at the start of the day and more sensitive.

    In my times of frequent regulars that become more friends and mistresses than simply call girls, my regular will usually know my schedule and arrange for me to be the first person she see's.

    I also tend to see a large difference in level of enthusiasm and willingness to please when i reserve a nice multi-hour on my lady of choices night or day off.
    Something about us mutually knowing she's all mine that day and the relief of stress due to not having any time constraint pressures, and other obligations..
    It leads generally to a more fulfilling encounter.

    Good question, i haven't seen this one being asked yet.
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    Out of towners looking to maximize their time by having more than one SP in a day or negatively impacted if the first appointment is delayed (due to me or her). Getting a backup and still having that first session, then recovery time before the start of the 2nd session can become an issue

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    Hi ne sais pas si j'ai bien saisi le sens de ta question.......mais moi idéalement mes rendez-vous je les aime bien....le Vendredi en fin d'après-midi....soit à 16 ou 17 hres.........c'est une belle facon de commencer le généralement ca fonctionne. Ma 2eme préférence est le Samedi ,mêmes heures.....parfois aussi le Dimanche.......donc très généralement le week-end......

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    I am not a night owl, so the appointments I seek would be early afternoon (1-3pm) and nothing that ends after 11pm at night. Since I only indulge in outcall, I cannot take appointments during times where I expect my room to be cleaned (11 am - 1pm). So the earliest I would indulge would be 1pm and the latest time by which I would say good bye is 11pm.

    With an HDH my expectation is that I am the only gentleman she sees that day. Of course there is no way to prove it either way, but if I were ever to learn otherwise I would stop seeing her.

    With agency providers I do not care if I am the first appointment of the day. However, if I am not the first, I will ask her to immediately shower upon arrival, even if she just showered at the end of her last appointment. So being first is a preference, but if I really wanted to see her, or if she starts at an inconvenient time (say 10am), I would not let being the second/third/fourth...etc deter me.

    In terms of providers themselves, I have only met one that refuses to follow other women on the same day (i.e. She must be my first appointment of the day).

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    Well, i am a morning person for everything, as early as possible, waking up with a beautiful girl next to you and and slipping under the covers to wake her up with a morning tongue bath, well that's where ill be....But having said this, i do have my nightly escapades, one lady at 4pm, 8pm and then there's the night cap at midnight or so and well anytime i am horny, ok, so i guess its anytime.

    But in the morning is the ever for me. Cheers Mate

    Thor Jr

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