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Thread: WordPress Plugin For A Bilingual Website?

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    WordPress Plugin For A Bilingual Website?

    I am planning a WordPress Website with a Store (selling T-Shirts) linked with a POD company and with a forum. I am looking for a plugin (WPML perhaps?) that will permit all of the site text (menus, header, etc...) to be bilingual. The POD company is English only; how do I arrange the checkout and purchase of T-shirts to be bilingual? I need a plugin that will arrange it so the posts in the forum can be either language (French or English) or both (if the poster wants to translate his post). Thank you.

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    I've used qtranslate and wpml.

    I find qtranslate to be quite faster... but overall features go to wpml hands down. Even if its a bit of a ressource hog.
    wpml also has excellent tech support being its commercial and has less conflicts with other plugins which can sometimes be a real pain.
    It also has better SEO features imho and the ability to create seperate language structures /en /fr etc... which will make it easier for search engines to index your content and understand structure.

    As for your checkout... will really depend on what you're using. Woocommerce supports wpml but qtranslate is via extra plugin (also annoying).

    As for asking users to translate, I can almost guarantee they wont lol you should try it in a sandbox using MAMP (mac) or WAMP (windows) and try them out before you commit.

    What are you using for checkout ?
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    SpreadShirt is the POD company that will check out the merchandise.

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    I've never used them.
    To be honest, you should be asking them more than here on merb lol
    I'm sure you'll have better response.
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    I tend to agree with neverbored, Wordpress community should be your best place...

    I did build 2 basic website with Wordpress as it is so quick to setup. My first website was with Joomla, and I find they have a lot of free extensions.

    Wix seems to be good too, but there might be less functionnality available.

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    Choose between Wix or GoDaddy

    To do a commercial website which one is easier/better and more professional looking?

    Is there anybody in the Merb community that can do a simple adult products site for a reasonable price?

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    Please define "adult products" and "reasonable"

    I would stay far far away from either Wix or Godaddy but not for the same reasons. Its true that they are noobie friendly and if you just wanna try out building a site for "kicks" or have a serious lack of funds then I totally would encourage something along those lines.
    But if you're trying to build a business and hope to attract SEO (search engine traffic) or build a business around a solid and maintainable / growable platform... run the fuck away...and fast. Simply put:


    • Terrible SEO (contrary to what people from Wix say). If you Google Wix and SEO, you'll notice a lot of panicked people and the only ones responding are Wix employees trying to salvage the brand.
    • you need to perform all sorts of ridiculous contortions just to be properly indexed for basic things that should just work from the start. That is wasted efforts... time = money
    • Once you've invested yourself and your money and eventually decide to leave... you'll basically have to start all over because Wix is a proprietary platform and only the content belongs to you..

    GODADDY (and other mass shared hosting)

    • Better than Wix.
    • If you're on a cheap shared hosting account, your site will live among thousands of other sites on the same IP address. If other sites do anything shady (porn, spam, malware, seo farming, backlink trading, etc...) it can impact you (especially from an SEO point of view) but could also prevent your site from being accessed by corporate networks that are shielded by Remote Block Lists (RBL) or corporate anti-virus / monitoring systems.
    • You won't be able to have your own SSL certificate unless you have your own IP (might be an issue if you ever need to take personal information for billing)
    • It will hurt your Quality Score (QS) if you want to buy advertising on Google Adwords
    • Support is a horribly slow process when dealing with real issues (other than having to reset your password)


    • Attractive option, strong relationship with Google (via capital injection)
    • Currently does not have a solution for localization (multi-lingual) even if its a Canadian company... thank god they aren't in Montreal... OQLF would have a field day lol
    • Their current "solution" is to create individual store for each language (good luck managing that)

    There are many things that are needed to be successful. I'm not really going to go into depth on this here.

    I don't know what your budget is but in all fairness you should expect between 100$-300$ per page (pictures, content, integration).

    When looking for an accountant, do you look for one that is cheap or one that will save you money? Bottom line, just like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

    just my 2 cents
    "I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy."
    -- Steve Martin

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