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Thread: Only 5 Days Left in Montreal - Mlle Vennes - Catch me if you can!

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    Only 5 Days Left in Montreal - Mlle Vennes - Catch me if you can!

    Only 6 days left in Montreal!
    Please also note that I will be raising my rates on October 2nd.

    I have just conquered the Vermont Spartan Beast, and I feel ready to reach even more exciting summits!
    I am only in town shortly, though, as I will be taking off for sunny Tahoe to race the World Championship course this October.
    Catch me while you can - if you can

    I have been described as a well traveled and as a charming young woman, so when we find ourselves at a diner party, I am sure to make you proud. I sparkle in social settings, I love to share a lively discussion, and it will be my pleasure to do so by your side.

    Hedonism appeals to me on many levels. Listening to Lhasa de Sela, Leonard Cohen or Billy Holiday is sure to put a smile on my lips and make me want to share the languorous rhythms with a partner. I appreciate good company and intelligent conversation. You are assured to have me wrapped around you little finger if you prove to be a witty gentleman. Sapiosexual, I am greatly attracted to bright spirits and sharp debates.

    My body opens up to delicate attentions. My skin shivers under a knowing touch, and my instinct guides me to return the favor with an eagerness to please and a glimmer in my eye. I am a courtesan in the same way that Bruce Wayne is Batman. It's a secret, and it's a passion. We all have our dark side, right?

    Being a yoga teacher, it would also be my pleasure to untie some of the knots in your shoulders and back. An exquisitely precise touch coupled with a knowledge of anatomy can do wonders.


    Text messages prefered

    Donation for Incall
    1 - 200
    1.30 - 280
    2 - 360
    3 - 500



    Il est temps de se laisser aller au gre de nos envies du moment, dans un face a face, un corps a corps authentique. Tu traverses le pas de ma porte et tes desirs rencontrent les miens. Nos souffles s'accelerent. Un moment unique, parce qu'il est cree par nous, pour nous. Si tu ressens une envie intense pour un moment d'abandon, sans complication et que tu reves a mon toucher attentif et a ma receptivite, laisse moi etre ta muse. A deux, nous ferrons un chef d'oeuvre de notre intimite.

    Tissons la trame de notre passion de doux baisers, poses sur toi comme de coquin papillons. Que l'aventure commence!

    Il ne manque plus que toi.

    514-713-5975 - SVP me contacter par SMS

    Rencontres Amant/Amant
    (Je te reçois)

    1 - 200
    1.30 - 280
    2 - 360
    3 - 500


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    Only 3 days left in Montreal!

    New Pictures (were taken Thursday)

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