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Thread: Who do you suspect is stoned?

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    Wink Who do you suspect is stoned?

    Thought a light hearted thread prying into our guesses as to what public figures any of you suspect are on drugs would be fun. Considering the plethera of seemingly unexplainable behavior of celebrities of all kinds I believe 2 out of 3 famous people are on dope of some sort. Please pipe in with your best guesses as to who does what and your personal favorite story of "celebrity stonedom."

    I was just thinking a few minutes ago that Manny Ramirez of Baseball fame must be higher than a kite and then I remembered that pretty much the whole NY Mets baseball team were doing gravity bongs in the clubhouse a few years back when they nearly lost 100 games! Remember Nate Newton the gigantic Offensive Guard from the Dallas Cowboys who got nabbed with a Van full of Marijuana, was released on bail and then got caught again with another van full of Marijuana just weeks later? Hello!?!?! What the fuck is Courtney Love on??? Does W. still toke up? Is Cheech Marin really straight or stoned sober?

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    Hey Joe.T no dissin' "The Playmaker" on my watch!

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    The Micheal Irvin story this past week has to be one of best, he claims that the pipe that they found in his car was his friends and not his and that he put it in his car because he did not want his children to find it and that he was going to get rid of it later , i could not stop laughing when i read that, i will tell you another funny story i can remember is that one time when my mother who suffers from arthritis and who was 65 years old had asked me get her some marjiuana so she could try because she had heard that it had been prescribed for pain relief, i went and got some and we ended up sharing the pipe, it did not work for her and all she got was a headache while i ended up getting up stoned, she never tried it again, i will never forget the day i was smoking the big one with my mother

    spin- sorry i had to edit my post, irvin along with prime time are 2 of my all time favourites, no disrespect intended.

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    Hey Joe.t maybe is was Big Nate's pipe No disrespect taken - It was one hell of a funny story, my favorite part is that he didn't even tell ESPN until like 2 days later.

    No Playmaker on TV this week (suspended).

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    Anyone remember Ed Meese?

    The AG under Reagan if I'm not mistaken. That classic Red Nose always made me think this guy had a flask of single malt in his pocket. How about Boris Yeltsin for that matter and Ted Kennedy from time to time. These guys could give Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer a run for his money guiding Santas' sleigh. OK lets include boozehounds in this discussion too, there are far too many good stories to pass that up.

    As far as the Cowboys are concerned we can't forget Hollywood Henderson and his nose candy habit.

    How about LT? Is he still on the pipe? For the young ones among us thats Lawrence Taylor of NYG fame, not Ladainian Tomlinson.

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