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Thread: Catchin "Feelings"

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    Catchin "Feelings"

    Hi Guys
    Ok, so there is a SP i frequent and she's super hot, albeit a lot younger than me.
    Either she is REALLY good at what she does, or we really do have a great rapport and are genuinely attracted to each other. And the sex is mind blowingly awesome.
    Without it being directly said, I'm pretty sure if I asked to see her outside out one hour, she would jump at would I.
    Here's the kicker, I'm married and not interested at all in being otherwise.
    Without sounding like a total douche, am I willing to make my life that much more complicated for the thrill of a girl? And a really hot one at that...

    Don't answer. I think I'm just talking to myself...
    I probably know the answer already.
    But she is really fucking hot!

    I'm also not stupid in thinking this probably happens a lot. For both the F and M

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    Same boat as you Radiobomb!

    I truly enjoy the situation and will continue status quo (keeping it professional) but I'm under no illusions, she's a pro and the idea of rapport/attraction is all me in my case. I will cherish these moments as memories along with all my other relationships and adventures when I'm no longer mobile.

    My bucket list needs other milestones added other than see my ATF every chance I get !

    Jarhead the WK

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    Maybe if you shared who this person his, we could tell you if we feel like we get special treatment or if it's just you.

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    Radiobomb, well join the club. So how do you really tell?
    Chowzilla'suggestion is one way although that woudl kind of tell everyone about your hidden gem. Another way would be to look for postings on her here and on other review sites to see what kind of feedback others are giving.
    Last but not least live dangerously and take the plunge and ask her out. If she says no, then you know where you stand. A yes will take you to second base but beware, the yes may also be a disguised no and she will cancel out on you at the last minute with some excuse.
    Being there done that got the scars

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    My previous ATF was an amazing provider and I was thoroughly seduced by her very presence. The time I spent with her in each session was increasing every time I booked her. Everyone sang her praises and it was, in my opinion, impossible for anyone to spend significant time with her and not fall for her. I realized this within the first 3 hour session I had with her. However, I was pro active and made the point to see other providers one or two days before our time together. The others would always be well reviewed gems I had not met before, and then after that I would see her for the next two days. This kept me grounded and prevented my feelings from running out of control. But to each his own.

    I don't have this problem with my current ATF because I took her on a one week trip with me, and I saw her 'dark side' so to speak. So while I still see her and spend the most time with her, my feelings are perfectly grounded and I have no illusions that I would want to share a future with her.

    The key litmus test for me is if I feel bad when I find a new review for her, and if I do not include her in recommendations I give to contacts on this board or others. Then it is time for a good hard look to see if carrying on is a good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radiobomb View Post

    I'm also not stupid in thinking this probably happens a lot. For both the F and M
    Thinking this happens a lot for the F actually is kind of stupid. There is a chance but these women are doing their jobs too, so the better they do their jobs the more convinced you are. Suggesting that she would jump at it is also na´ve. But prove me wrong!!!!

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    I have to agree somewhat, I think it is not the same probability that it happens to the provider.

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    A lot of lonely guys see dozens, maybe hundreds of beautiful women. Feelings are going to happen. Iit will happen more to clients because they are more vulnerable while the women have many opportunities outside this business. But I do know ladies who have been together with former clients for a long time, once I ran into a guy I know with his girlfriend escort while I was walking around. Another couple were both in the business and have been living together for years. Like I said, it's going to happen. No one can stop themselves forever no matter how they try to remember it's a business. I try to avoid it by never sticking to one escort too long. That helps a lot but it's not fool proof.

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    Well written! iSpartacus!

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    Note to Radio Bomb and Jarhead:

    Gentlemen - Please savor these feelings. Years ago, when everything was new, I wanted to leave my S.O. for nearly everyone of the good ones. I fell in love just about every good session. Sometimes the girls really seemed to recipricate this feeling. Mostly, it was 3rd worlders looking to cash-in for the ultimate trick. Who knows? Maybe they even believed it too for the moment? But mostly it was probably just me. It was so exciting to be with a young girl with a perfect body that laughed at all my jokes and really got into the sex (her job). I felt like the glory years. The problem is I have done this so much for so many years that the thrill has worn off just a little. And I know better.

    I wish I could go back to the old days when the escort left my room and I had a permanant ear-to-ear grin that you couldn't pry off my face with a crowbar. It was a nice excercise to finsh the bottle or bottles of wine and write a glowing review...sometimes I glowed as much as the review. But now I know better and the age desparity has gone from ridiculous to absurd. But it is still fun.

    Savor these moments. Life is good. In my younger years I used to think that the hobby could one day make marraige obsolete. But I know better.

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    I love what you wrote hungry101! So true!

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    We fell for each other and we saw each other outside. But we decided it didn't make any sense and carried on with our respective lives. Did it fucking hurt or what.... Wow

    She's on of the top MP provider at one of the top MP place.

    The story is even more fucked up but I'll keep it to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    I fell in love just about every good session.
    Always watch out for what your balls can do to your head. Once there was a super doll with long black hair, fair skin, blue eyes, and a young luscious firm body. I realized later I was overwhelmed from the start. She could be so sweet and cute then turn into a sexy demon. Loved it. The session was amazing in every way. I wanted to see her desperately for months but she wasn't working when I called. She took some time off too. I built up all these longings for her. Not love. Great sexual desire. I kept telling my buddy I've got to see her again. Finally I did. I was so happy and excited. Got there. Nice greeting. Started to chat. She had been a steaming sex kitten the first time we met. Suddenly she laid down some rules. No this. No that. No even daty. I could feel desire for her drain out of me in a minute. We had a very disappointing session and I never called again.

    To paraphrase an old Jefferson Airplane song - Keep your head.

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    iSpartacus: totally agree so I'm no the only one this has happened to
    Hungry 101: bang on. I try to savor every moment especially when the age difference is absurd

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    Ok, I'll bite. I've had feelings for clients and they have had feelings for me. But, usually not at the same time, as in, the clients that have fallen for me have not been the ones I've been interested in.
    For the most part I do not act on my feelings, I want to keep this professional. Often these clients are already in a serious relationship and I am their escape, a no strings attached good time, and I respect that.
    It would be tough to maintain a love relationship born out of a hobby relationship. Not impossible, but difficult.

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