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Thread: EDD cure?

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    by John, Sep 19, 2015
    So far, I've downloaded the main PDF file. I'm disappointed, it seems like more junk info that I had to watch throughout the video. Finally on the last pages it gave you the ingredients for the shake.

    If I didn't need to read 15 pages of useless info on causes, why we are not animals, and junk this is filled with, it would've been better.

    For the money it cost, you should at least get 1 bottle (or the ingredients) of this so called miracle shake.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    So the best cure is MERB reports and the great SP 's this board..

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    If you are a healthy male who still get that morning wood in the morning yet have functional issues..... STOP whacking off to porn and eliminate that shit from your computer. Porn can definitely hinder your performance since it has a very strong negative effect mentally.

    There was a time in my life where porn was very apparent and this hindered my performance with a girl whether SP or not. I have to mentally lock in a scene in my mind for me to stay hard. I would run through many many porn scenes in my head and when I can't find one at the time to mentally connect with I lose my hard on. Then I realize how dangerous that was. The whole experience becomes an empty frustrating void because I can't connect with the girl and the porn scene dictates the whole session.

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