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Thread: Anyone else having problems visiting merb on mobile (Android)?

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    Exclamation Anyone else having problems visiting merb on mobile (Android)?

    Since months, I am having problems to visit merb on all of my mobile devices, all android. When I first try to load the page, it looks like this:

    Screenshot 1

    and this if I try to post something:

    Screenshot 2

    The way I found to make it work is to refresh and refresh and refresh, sometimes up to, 10, 20, 30 times. Sometimes it takes me up to 15 minutes to finally get the page "Your connection is not private" and sometimes I just give up and wait till I'm at the office on a computer.

    Screenshot 3
    Screenshot 4

    When I get this page, usually clicking on "PROCEED TO MERB.CC (UNSAFE)" makes the site working normally but sometimes no and you need to battle again until you get this error again and again.

    Am I the only one have this issue and finding this really annoying? I wonder how many people are just giving up when it happens.

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    Screenshot 1 and 2 used to always happen to me, ever since my new phone, it hasn't happened to me.
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    Currently experiencing this problem now. Over the last week this has happened a few times. I also had tjis same problem a couple of months ago. At the time it was said to be attributed to google chrome.

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    Screenshot 1 only happened once to me. The other's no. My first guess would be to check the privacy setting of your browser.

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    I use to get that too but after clearing the history of the browser with all the caches, it's back to normal. Give it a try buddy!

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    Ive always had that problem. Old phone. New phone. I assumed it was just because of the controversial nature of this site that it would be finicky

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    It was happening on chrome. I'm now back with the no name browser and it seems better. I still get those popup alerts because the certificate is not valid.
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    I was wrong. It's now happening to my android phone. Don't know what's going on. But usually wait a day or two and it will go away.

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    Always get screenshots 3 and 4 on my Android tablet and phone. When I click on advanced, it takes me to MERB without any other issues 9 time out of 10. Sometimes I cant log on so I clear cookies and kill all task and clear memory. Then everything works again

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    Ya the "is not private" I think is simply because some elements on the page aren't on a SSL (https) server. The banners in the header for example.
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