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Thread: Toronto's SEXIEST Petite YOGA instructor. Visiting Montreal 27-30 NEW RATE CHG

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    Toronto's SEXIEST Petite YOGA instructor. Visiting Montreal 27-30 NEW RATE CHG


    Thank you for taking the time to view my profile,

    My name is Jordan, I have been UTR for the last couple of years in Canada. I just started traveling into the US and abroad, you might have come across some of my listings.

    Currently I am a Yoga Instructor with an easy going and friendly disposition, I have a sexy soft laugh. I am 37 years young, stand 5 foot 3 inches tall. I am certain that you will find I am extremely physically attractive, but what makes me stand out from the crowd is my bright and charming personality.

    I have a wonderful wit and intelligence combined with an eagerness to please. I am elegant and sensual; graceful and intelligent; beautiful and sophisticated; Immaculately dressed and well spoken.

    I am very BISEXUAL, adding mileage to marriages, a fulfilling experience for everyone. I also have a few of my sexiest friends who are always up for adventure! More the merrier!

    My explorative nature allows me to be open to some kink and mild domination. I am the BOSS...cross dressing, bondage, humiliation financial domination, forced bi Just to name a few. I love to create a special moment in time. Seductive, unique to each situation that I am LUCKY to be a part of. It is in my nature to be the sexiest agent provocateur. I offer the ultimate high class experience because I know who I am and what you want.

    Here are the requirements to book a date with me.

    I sincerely enjoy my work I am particular with whom I would like to spend time with.I feel most comfortable with GENTLEMEN 40 AND OVER. Educated smart and charming go along way...especially when trying to make that amazing fantasy come true.

    When contacting me for a date please fill out my reservation form found on my beautiful website, or send creditable references along with your info via email. This is for safety, also it eliminates stress of a first meeting!

    Discretion is a top priority. Please if you are someone who enjoys the hobbyist way of life know this, I am not the kind of girl who is looking for half hour dates.. I am much more interested in long term friendships and amazing sensual moments.



    TER ID: 267181

    Toronto (GTA) September 28-October 5-11

    Halifax October 12-15

    Toronto (GTA) October 16-20

    Ottawa October 22-23

    Toronto (GTA) 24-27

    Montreal October 27-30

    Jordan xo

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    I cant wait to visit at months end.

    Jordan xo

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