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Thread: Extended Vacations

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    Extended Vacations

    Hello Everyone,

    For personal reasons, I decided to take extended vacations from the hobby in general, the boards, and the moderation. Being in this seat was a challenging experience at times, but always very interresting. During the last 21 months, I had the pleasure and privilege to work with other very competent Moderators, and even though some of them (M3, M4) are already gone, their passage on MERB were very appreciated. I have no doubt whatsoever the current ones (M5, M6) will continue to do a tremendous job as well.

    During my reign I built all kinds of tools and methods to identify ill-behaved posters, and the core of those tools is still active and available to the Mods. Don't take my departure as a free ticket to start shilling or create multiple handles. Thanks to team work, you will be tracked and identified as quickly as before.

    Thank you to everyone who expressed their appreciation of my work and supported me one way or another. It's always been appreciated. It is YOUR contributions that make MERB be what it is today, and I am happy to see the very good members we have around (well... most of you ). Keep up the good work!

    I might stay in the background for some time. Who knows... I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas

    Take care.

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