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Thread: Who will satisfy your craving tonight? Who will you end up playing with?

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    Who will satisfy your craving tonight? Who will you end up playing with?

    Purrrfect night for nicely shaven kitty. Can I be your aphrodisiac? Soft, warm, tight,silky, wet, squeeeeeeze, hard, lick, flick, light, bite. Slide, straddle, rub, graab, gently, kiss, dangle, lift, suckle, lip, tongue, throat, guzzle. Ride, up, down, go, around. Strawberry, lube, alluring, enticing, perfume. release, congratulations, champ. pet, a kitty.

    Some words put together can sound so exciting!! What will be your pleasure tonight? Would you like to spend your time with a partner that is on the same page as you? Who will you see this time?

    A Girl with somewhere to go next? No time to talk. Maybe a 'move it along now, buddy' kind of attitude..


    When you could be with A Girl who wants to Rock your World and Blow your Mind in more ways then one! With a Refreshing attitude, polite and personable demeanor. My open-mindedness allows me to take pleasure in some of the Kinks in BDSM you may desire. I like to be in charge; enjoy taking over with a riding crop and a smile while I Flog you hard. I like to tease you with the silky touch of stockings and let you indulge. But then I have a innocent face which can deceive and hide the wild side that wants to tie you up and make you mine. Aside from the fetishes I am also sweet like a kitten, soft and loving. Passion as deep as a woman in Love. Kisses and caresses as delicate as a rose. A multifaceted personality with quite some practice in plenty of flexible positions.

    So who will you call tonight?

    I hope it's me.
    Kitty Karmella


    • Mid 20's
    • exotic hispanic/hawaiian
    • 5'2
    • 118 lb.
    • 34 DD Silicone
    • Long Black hair
    • Brown eyes
    • Sun-kissed complexion all year 'round ;

    $200 60 min
    $280 90 min
    $400 120 min
    +$40 Fetishes

    Please, if you wish for a Daytime Outcall - be sure to message me the time and location the night before.
    I will probably be able to do daytime sessions to those who Pre-book in advance and less likely the same day notice.

    Girlfriend experience with a VERY relaxing and sensuous massage included. If you would like to learn more about me and what a session would be like; please take a look at my website.

    Waiting for your call!

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    $200 an hour of fun with this super sexy hottie!
    Taking Pre-bookings for the next week.
    Let me make your weekend special.

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