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Thread: Boston, NY, Detroit or Toronto

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    Boston, NY, Detroit or Toronto

    Hi guy s! I found a job in a new trucking company and I have some choice to make... I can ship freight in Boston, NY (and new jersey) Detroit and Toronto! So if I want to upgrade my hobby experience where should i choose to work??? I m looking for quality, safe with law!!! So far I never do hobby outside montreal and serounding! Thanks!!!

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    I would take Toronto .. NYC will be too expensive.. don't know about DET ou Boston
    Et je l'écoute (Joël Bouchard) toujours jusqu'à la fin de son laïus parce que je suis convaincu qu'un jour, il va terminer en nous offrant des voitures usagées à des prix INCROYABLES!

    -Ronald King

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    NYC is the best hobby destination in the USA if money is not a factor. But you need huge money to get top quality there, like $400-$600 an hour. There are lots of lower priced incall places in NYC but the quality declines significantly. New Jersey is also slightly less expensive, but also with lower quality. People did not invent the term "shore trash" for no reason.

    Seeing NYC ladies who screen eliminates worries regarding law enforcement. Boston and Detroit both have more law enforcement concerns than NYC and have fewer high-class escorts. The Massachusetts attorney general was a bitch and she pushed through a very anti-prostitution agenda. You do not want to live in Detroit, and nether do any good hookers.

    Check out to read about the Toronto scene. For reasonably-priced commercial sex, it is much better than the three U.S. cities you mentioned. The same laws apply in Toronto as they do in Montreal,

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    I ve notice, A LOT, of pretty spinner indy there!!!

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    Thx Patron, that Was very clear, so do you have any good place in US (east side)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gijoequest View Post
    Thx Patron, that Was very clear, so do you have any good place in US (east side)?
    Not really. The US east coast is just really expensive, and you get more law enforcement concerns as you go south towards Virginia and the Carolinas. Miami is the only place I have ever found on the east coast (okay I know calling that the east coast is a stretch) that has a good price/quality ratio. The really high escort prices in NYC and Boston is one of the reasons that so many merb posters travel to Montreal, and the reason the sugar baby system is so successful on the east coast. Compared to $400 - $500 per hour, it is easier to just do the sugar baby thing.

    But for the occasional indulgence as a visitor, NYC is a good hobby place.

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    NYC is quite tempting even though expensive yet I wouldn't partake. Too many damn hoops to jump over with the verification process. Also high fructose corn syrup permeates through out the female population in the U.S. There are some attractive women in the US but in most cases I find it to be a Cows Gone Wild that you can run into at your local Target/Walmart!

    I would give Boston a shot if and when that Wynn casino opens up in Everett. Toronto is awesome on par with Montreal. As for Detroit? Don't think I would ever step into that city.

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    Detroit - a few years back I learned that due to the wonderful economy and the reign of Kuwami Kilpatrick, the strip clubs on 8-mile were full service. I got a tip and I went personally and verified it. Also, you can go across the rive to Windsor Canada. However, In my mind the place to hobby in NAA is Tijunana or Montreal. 2nd is Toronto.

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    Sometimes because I like economics, I try to figure out what has caused the downtrend in what I call middle class hobbying in the States. So I try to put myself in the place of a drug and drama free young lady who wants to make some good cash and enjoys sex. I can't begrudge her recent pricing increases.

    Not that long ago, the U.S. was full of $300-$400 an hour really hot escorts that were easy to book with very little screening.

    Numerati mentioned the fattening of America. He is kind to not also mention the aging of America. A hot young lady with a great body has less competition if sex appeal is part of her life. Prices not only go up for direct sex with her, but she has more viable economic alternatives in sexy but not direct sex jobs - anything from Hooters Girl to hostess at a nightclub to being a greeter at trade shows. I think that "sort of sex" jobs have increased in numbers in the last few years, and they pay well.

    The federal government did a big legal crackdown on agencies that had touring girls. Those agencies were massive and set a price of $300-$400 per hour. Independents matched those prices. Now pricing is much more dynamic with each independent choosing her own price.

    The Sugar Baby system is very appealing to hot, younger girls. It feels less like a trade or business that is frowned upon by the people in society that none of us like. So that draws a lot of talent away from escorting.

    Young ladies detail their entire lives on Facebook and Twitter and group texts. If she keeps her escorting life completely separate from her personal life, that becomes a bitch. I swear to God every hot girl from 18-25 has a circle of friends that knows what every one of them is doing all the time. Kind of hard to explain why she disappears most nights from 7-10. Other than the convenience of discovering through Facebook that the hot, flirty waitress you converse with most days at lunch is Engaged to Her One and Only Love (guess she gets more tips by flirting), I fucking hate social media. Plus this damn searchable pictures system makes it difficult for her to keep her escorting life separate from her personal life. That was another advantage that ladies found with agencies, by the way, in addition to not having to use her own cell phone or email.

    The fastest growing segment of the U.S. scene is the low-cost $100-$200 an hour scene reviewed on usasexguide that is the domain of skanks, druggies, and drama queens. Every time I venture there, I wish I hadn't (with the very notable exception of the girl I reviewed in the Miami thread - a $200 an hour chick who is the same as a $400 an hour one). The johns that see those low-end girls regularly are a pain as far as middle class providers are concerned, and they do not want to even be contacted by guys looking for such low prices.

    I think those are the explanations of why the middle class escort market has shrunk in supply in the States and why the median price for the available ladies has gone from $300-$400 to $400 - $600 an hour in many large markets, with Miami and some cities in Texas not being quite as bad (but the trend is in that direction there, also). Still more available girls than I can fuck, but the trend is not my friend in terms of price or number of times I can participate.

    Let's hope the rest of the world does not follow the U.S.

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    Avoid nyc ... Lotta work ... I live here
    Toronto not cheap either but easier navigate

    Sums up my exp

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    Would you agree Patron, that the US views sex for money as evil and exploitive of the women and Canada does not? I heard a civilian I know say the following: They can't do anything to control the crime in [his city] so the police will stage a sting on the internet and arrest a dozen Johns with no priors and say see. We are doing something about crime. Dallas or Houston Texas is the only place I know where I can get laid for a decent price.

    I like Brasileiro's attitude. The puteria has it's place. Honor they mother and they wife and treat women as ladies but visit the Privy or some place with a GDP (Garota De Programa or Girl with a program) and make the program. Then go back to honoring your wife and/or namorada(GF).


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    I am not sure how biased we are since most of our view of Canadians results from Montreal, and to a lesser extent Toronto and Windsor (where I could not hobby because I was only there for two hours once while my traveling companions were gambling but the stripper was intent on making me cum during the lap dances at the strip joint I found - sorry I digressed).

    Once a long time ago on Canbest an idiot misposted the cell phone number of a popular provider and the old lady who actually had that phone number was not in favor of prostitution at all. She did surprisingly encourage me to find a "nice girl" instead of suggesting that I sodomize myself. And my favorite Miami Companions provider who was a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada told me that if she got caught she would never be hired as a schoolteacher in Canada, which made me question just how enlightened all of Canada is on this subject. And of course at least three prominent Canadians named Mackay, Harper and Smith do not like commercial sex work at all.

    The US attitudes viewing commercial sex work favorably are quite different in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and to an extent NYC than in other parts of the country. If you have enough money, you can fuck yourself to death in those places. Unfortunately, the U.S. federal government's overreach in law enforcement keeps those localities from developing the wonderful Fuck You attitude that has allowed reasonable thinkers in law enforcement in Montreal and Toronto to largely ignore C36. And Canada does not seem to have members of law enforcement who are actually politicians hoping to get elected to office, like the US has in its big city District Attorney roles. The big busts in the U.S. are not as a result of a desire for justice by the public. It is a D.A. who knows our idiotic media will make a story about it because it involves sex, or because law enforcement wants to seize the assets of an escort agency to buy toys and pay bonuses. I do not think Canada has the asset seizure issues that the U.S. does.

    But it is hard to separate true beliefs from money. I think in general the less wealth a place has, coupled with reasonably equal wealth distribution, the more favorably commercial sex is viewed. I think that is true in Canada and it is certainly the case in most great hobbying countries - Brazil, Argentina, Tijuana, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Thailand, etc. Germany is a special case due to its tendency to import. I do not mean this offensively, but admirably. In the States, sex workers are somewhat respected in the Hood where nobody has great, lasting wealth. But the poor chick who works as a Sugar Baby and goes to an expensive college knows damn well to hide it from her new rich bitch friends whose parents are paying their way through school. So Canada's lack of wealth in comparison to the States and its relatively equal income distribution might account for healthier attitudes. And I think that is more true in Quebec than in other parts of Canada that has more oil wealth and are more like the U.S.

    And Canadians may just be smarter. I perceive that their children are raised with less of the religious dogma that plagues so much of rural America and the South. Those U.S. kids are taught, particularly in the Baptist and fundamentalist Christian faiths, that sex work is wrong and they never give it much thought in adult life. Many of them give little intellectual though to much of anything in adult life. Catholics are taught some of that shit, too, but when they figure out the priest has a crush on the alter boy, they develop some cynicism that leads to more enlightened thinking regarding religious dogma later in life. But in rural Canada where evangelism is more prevalent, if is my understanding that Harper is quite popular and commercial sex work is viewed dimly - just like it is in the U.S. Bible Belt.

    I know I rambled on forever, but there are just so many differences between the U.S. and other countries that it is hard to determine what causes the differences.

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