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Thread: Girl put on atleast 50 lbs since last visit

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    Girl put on atleast 50 lbs since last visit

    I was wondering what you guys would do in this situation, i did not see this girl in over 2 years because she took a break from the business. I made an appointment with her, when she walked in the room, i just did not recognize her because she gain so much weight. i had to really look at her to notice it was her. I should have just walk away, but i felt bad so i stayed. Big mistake there was no attraction to her anymore..To get through the session i had to close my eyes and thing about someone else. In a situation like this is up the agency, MP owner or manger or independent to let the client know about the change.

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    This has happened to me and I pretty much did the same thing. Now I ask for a recent picture and if she doesn't look like the picture I walk away.

    Not sure if you had seen this girl as an Indy, Agency, etc. Assuming she's an Indy, it's up to her to let you know of the changes in her appearance.

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