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Thread: Skiing: Mont Tremblant

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    Skiing: Mont Tremblant

    Any skiers on here?

    I am thinking about making a trip to Mont Tremblant this winter. How does it compare to Killington?

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    I don't know about skiing but when I resided in Montreal I used to make a visit there once or twice during the winter for snowboarding and for their casino. It is like the perfect match for me. Snowboarding in the morning then baccarat during late afternoon or evening. Never been to Killington so I can't make any comparision.

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    It depends on your level, sj. If you are on the higher side, Mont-Sainte-Anne in Québec City is by far the best mountain in eastern Canada. The double diamond slopes are numerous with an impressive pitch and lifts deserving only the steep parts. An other advantage is that you also have the Massif nearby (less than an hour from the city) the highest ski resort in Quebec. Its less interesting for good skiers, but it has an incomparable scenery. If skiing is the main purpose of your travel, Québec is a much better destination, also with cheaper rates.

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    I've been there 4x for the past 2 years. I only go there when they have a sale. I find the price too steep to go regularly.

    I have to say though that they have really good trails. I ski from opening to closing time, and in my own opinion the quality of the snow and trail does not deteriorate even though there are a lot of skiers.
    I don't know if they groom the trails several times during the day; if they do well they must be using really small or invisible machines because I have never seen any of them going out to groom in all my visits.

    Also their trails seem to be much easier than Bromont's (where I have a season pass). Their blue square trails are just like the green circle trails in Bromont.
    In fact some of their green circle trails have long flat sections; even if you already went very fast down the preceding slope you still end up paddling yourself over the flat sections.
    My friends and I can easily go down the black diamonds and double black diamonds in Tremblant.

    My only complains are (1) that on sale season there's a lot of people that lining up in all the lifts takes a good 20-30min, and (2) they close early (like 3 or 4pm)... they should invest on night skiing!

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    I have skied both and the comparison goes to the cost. Killington is cheaper except if you factor in the travel and exchange. Tremblant has become a world class resort and is priced as such. The experience is more than the skiing, it extends to the apres ski as well. There is no end of things to do and in that regard Killington cannot compare.

    As to the night skiing, it will NEVER happen. This is a decision that is based on economics ! The skiing is to attract the skiers and the 4:00pm closure is to send them to the bars, restaurants and hotels. Lets remember that it costs a fortune to keep the hills open and lighted for the few who really want to extend their day. Intrawest earns a fortune off of every sale made in every business in the resort so it is in their interest to ensure that the skiing public frequent these establishments at the end of the day. It all comes down to money.
    One additional point, for those who live close enough to frequent Tremblant on a regular or semi regular basis passes will reduce the cost and several options are available, I purchase the T-66 every year and enjoy a lot of skiing at a very reasonable price. Day passes can be bought online and I believe through Costco at a reduction as well, so options exist.
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