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Thread: Most beautiful EYES.

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    Most beautiful EYES.

    Most beautiful EYES in picture ou en personne. Je sais que majoritairement les filles voilent ou masquent leur visage dans leur pub et on peut comprendre. Mais pour celles qui acceptent de le dévoiler voici celles qui retiennent particulièrement mon attention. Je n'ai rencontré aucune d'entre elle mais je suis séduit par la beauté de leurs yeux.
    -Kitty Karmella.
    -Amanda Roy.
    -Monica Del Fiore.
    -Mocha La Mulata.

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    Selon mes gouts personnels on pourrait ajouter:

    Dannie- Nadya VIP
    Lacee- Nadya VIP
    Bianca- Euphoria
    Jinny- Indy
    Kiki- Indy

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    the last of the mohicans
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    montreal or costa rica baby
    Victoria without a with 100 hues of different shades, true sparkling diamonds.
    "Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going"

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    How about Gabrielle Garnier. She looks at me and my insides melt like warm butter.

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    ✴ ✴ ✴ MyWonderland ✴ ✴ ✴
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    Tianna !!!

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    Most beautiful eye and mouth combination.
    Gabrielle from xxxtase
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    Lily from Montreal
    I second Clara: Tianna has incredibly beautiful eyes...and everything else lol

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    Wow, i have had the pleasure to gaze into so many and have gotten lost in just as many and yet i can honestly say that only two sets have had me drowning in their pools, Florence champagne with those dark and unforgiving devilish stares that draw me in with just a blink, she is an Angel from hell, so nice with first appearances and a slight hint of the devil, especially in the bedroom.
    And of course Vicki @ mojo, from our first meeting i was like a kid sitting on Santa lap, i was drawn into another world every time we met, through her eyes, which are like a crystal blue lake, shiny coating on the surface and a dark blue glaze as you go deeper into the waters. She too is an Angel from another part of the hemisphere.

    My two Angels, one more and you can call me

    Thor Jr

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    I am splitting my posts in two sections:

    >>> Nov. 10th – Gabrielle Garnier (Indy)
    >>> Nov. 10th – Alexandra (Vogue)
    >>> Nov. 10th – Lacee (Vogue)
    >>> Nov. 10th – Gabrielle (xxxtase)
    >>> Nov. 10th – Neva (Euphoria)
    >>> Nov. 10th – Madison (Wildtime)
    >>> Nov. 29th - Petite Lydhia (Indy)

    >>> Nov. 10th – Coralie (Indy)
    >>> Nov. 10th – Marie-Ève (Asservissante)

    As I do have a bad memory, I will keep updating my post as it comes back to old brain...

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    I have a penchant for the exotic. I have to say Sophie Lee and Kitty Karmela top my list.

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    Liberté Totale !!!
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    Bonjour à tous,

    Selon mon goùt à moi, il y a

    Active: Heidi Van Horn et Mocha LaMulata

    et mon coup de cœur: Jasmine (la Légende) de MTLGFE

    Au plaisir !!!


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    Sab, qui était aux Aventurières avant de prendre sa retraite.

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    the last of the mohicans
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    montreal or costa rica baby
    Cinderella and her pretty eyes <3
    "Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going"

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    This thread is useless (for us out-of-towners...) without links or pics! ;-)

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    Thank you!

    I would have to agree with Gaby and Jeanjean

    Amanda Roy has some beautifully sultry eyes and also Amelie Gray has some pretty bambi eyes!

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