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    Singles Day

    Tomorrow, November 11, is Singles Day.

    It is more widely celebrated in Asia than in other continents. Kind of unfortunate that it coincides with Veterans Day in the U.S., since it seems rather awkward for a war widow to celebrate being single as she remembers her fallen husband.

    It has of course, like all holidays, become a marketing/advertising gimmick. Kind of comical, though, for sex workers and escort agencies to possibly run specials on November 11 for single guys to purchase sex. Guess it wouldn't work anyway since some guys have been known to lie about their marital status when it comes to sex with a nonspouse.

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    This is not a statutory holiday. It started as a day (Nov. 11th, 1111, so that's why it was picked as the singles day) that single people use to amuse themselves. Hey, you couples (or whoever has a boyfriend or girlfriend) have anniversaries, Valentine's, etc to celebrate, and you celebrate with another person which usually doubles the fun and pleasure, so why can't we singles have a special day for ourselves.

    In recent years, merchants have used it as a time to promote sales, and it has grown into a big thing. Right now I think it's bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Today's news in China, Tmall, a well-known website, but just that single website, sold for $30 billion (equivalent to about $6 billion Canadian dollar) within the first 1 hour 13 minutes and 59 seconds. It's simply phenomenal.

    Some Canadian merchants are starting to use it as a time to promote sales as well, not as big in China of course. Anyway, this day is for fun and so far it's been generally good.

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