Are you looking for the sort of woman that would turn your head on the street, but you'd never suspect she carried a little extra? Someone educated, literate, travelled, and classy? Someone perfect for first timers and seasoned hobbyists? Respectful individuals looking for genuine, intelligent, charismatic and comfortable companionship are greatly encouraged to get in touch with me. I am versatile conversationally as well as open to a wide variety of experiences including but not limited to lunch and dinner dates, nights out, or overnight encounters. I am regularly told via my excellent reviews elsewhere that my pictures are very reflective of, or even lesser than, what I look like in person, and I try very hard to keep it that way.

I never rush an experience. I'm always looking for new friends be they men, women, couples or otherwise, and when I am with you, the whole world melts away. I suggest ninety minutes for first timers in order to give a little more time to ease into things. For those hoping to get to know me on a more personal level, I do highly recommend heading out to share a meal or an overnight session.

My site:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 514-612-2813

Poetry: a brief, hour-long stay; 250
Short Story: a fleshed out ninety minutes; 350
Novelette: two hours of exposition; 419
Novella: three hours to whet most appetites; 500
Anthology: an overnight stay; 1000
Novel: full length for a full day's experience; 1500
Trilogy: when you need something to pass an entire weekend; 2500

Fan Fiction: social engagements out of the home; 120/hr
Inter-Library Loan: all the comforts of home; please add 80 for travel within thirty minutes
Co-Authorship: for when you want to share with a loved one; please add 100