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Thread: 5 stars thread

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    5 stars thread

    Hi all!

    Could someone please explain me what are the criteria for a thread to have its five stars?

    There are threads with quite a small amount of views, and with even less replies, that have been provided with this extra visibility, but...

    Thank you!

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    Hi Clara,

    At the top of any thread there is a menu that is titled "Rate This Thread".

    Clicking on that will give you a dropdown and from there you can give a 1 to 5 star rating. I'm pretty sure that the stars shown next to a thread in the list view (where you can see all the different posts in a category for example) are the average value of the ratings that have been given to the thread.

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    So anyone can make a thread 5 stars if they click?

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    It appears someone already has

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    Thank you so much for your answer Smartnsexy, mwah!

    Quote Originally Posted by Egg Roll View Post
    So anyone can make a thread 5 stars if they click?


    After a few tests here and there, I can confirm that the attribution of stars to a thread does not depend objectively on at least one vote, but is first of all based on a subjective Mods’ decision to ‘unblock’ the thread for the stars to be displayed.

    Simply for the records.

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    Thanks for this thread Clara



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