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Thread: Ladies Beware! There's another creep out there...

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    Ladies Beware! There's another creep out there...

    He's been emailing most of the indies and their mother:

    Hi,thanks for the quick response to my email and also for considering
    my offer of being.i am so sorry for the late response to you.i was out
    of town for an impromptu business. i will be coming for a visit for a
    program soon and i will need your pleasurable time after the program.i
    am gentle man,divorced and i like things orderly for convenience
    purpose.i will coming down in 3 days time for the program and i want
    to sort out all necessary payment to you before my arrival. i believe
    i can count on you after sending you the required payment to secure
    the booking.
    i will need your service as a professional for i have gone
    through your profile and see what you offer and you where a perfect
    match among all.i hope with you will be real fun and memorable.i
    believe i will have a very nice time with you judging from what i saw
    and i guess you will satisfy me as i will care for you.your rate on
    your profile is ok for me and i think it wont be a problem.i will want
    you to know that i am cautious and straight in my dealings and for
    your assurance and trust i will send you some payment to secure you
    ahead of time as a professional.i believe i wont have any trouble with
    you after making any payment to you.i will want you to know that i
    dont do cash payment due to some scheduling policy and i make my
    transaction via online money transfer Bank to bank wherever i am for my safety
    online. i hope that is ok for you.i will
    want you to know that any payment to you is going to be by means of
    online money transfer payment into your bank account i hope you have a
    bank account?
    .get back to me if this is ok by you so you can have
    payment received send me your contact phone number so
    i can call you directly for appointment.i hope to hear from you

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    An SP told me of receiving a recent similar text. She was asked for her birthday, mother's maiden name and other information clearly not necessary to effect a wire transfer to a bank account.

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    Yep A bunch of us at indy companion got it as well... I guess the Nigerian prince guys are expanding their business

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    It's crazy what people can think of and do... Few times when they were sending email for bank info, I was replying fake numbers and password... As I used to work in IT for a bank, I went to a seminar where RSA was explaining hacking business... It is a parallel economy, it's crazy... Always be careful... The safest place to do your banking stuff, is at your branch within their secure network...

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