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Thread: Your Favourite HAIRdresser Mtl?

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    sexiest hairdresser

    Hi, I would like to know your recommendation for the sexiest hairdresser in Montreal,


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    In the Faubourg Ste-Catherine (big green building across the street from the 3 Amigos restaurant) on the 2nd floor, there is a hair salon with at least 3 hotties to choose from. They all wear tight pants and jeans with awesome butts. I got my hair cut there a few months ago by a cute 20-something blonde. I tried to ask her out but she told me she has a boyfriend so that was the end of it. Still, they were all nice to look at.
    A demander: une cochonne Quebecoise ou Allemande avec qui le sol se derobe sous mes pieds!

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    I've gotten my hair cut there a few times. The only name I remember is Mani. She's cute but that's it. Do you know the names of the girls you mentioned picasso

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    Your Favourite HAIRdresser Mtl?

    Who is your favourite hairdresser?
    Is she cute?
    Where does she work?
    Us Merbians need to get our hair trimmed so that
    we look very presentable ...

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    Yah...A sexy looking babe of a hairdresser

    That's what I want.

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    Real men don't use haidressers, they go to a barber! (and they don't eat quiche!!!) LOL

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