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Thread: Someone keeps Vandalizing my car :/

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    Unhappy Someone keeps Vandalizing my car :/

    So, the past month now... Someone in my area keeps vandalizing my car. They started with one really long scratch along the drivers door. I thought it was a coincidence or maybe a kid doing this to all the cars. 2 mornings later, I find another deeper scratch along the passengers side. So deep it is now rusting.

    Then on Friday I was unlucky enough that someone hit the rear end of my car, damaging the plastic outer bumper and the rod bumper inside. The Police noted that everything else was fine and the lights were intact, not damaged and it would be drivable with no fines. I went to the body shop and he assessed the damage and said I was lucky its only the bumper. I made a claim with my insurance and told them all of what is damaged.

    Then this morning I come outside to find someone smashed my tail lights. 2 on the Drivers side and 1 top on the Passengers side. I know this wasn't to do with the accident as I have already had the assessment, police report and how many other witness's who seen my tail lights where intact. So therefore it has to be the same person who was vandalizing my car before. It has all happened in the matter of 3 weeks now, and always in the same block where I live. I have no clue who it could be as I don't know anyone in my area. No one knows where I live except a few friends - who I know would not do something like this to me.

    I am starting this thread to vent and also to ask - What should I do? Do I claim vandalism? How will it affect my premium or deductible? Do I call the police? Even if I do... what can they really do?
    I am definitely moving from my place cause I do not think this is a coincidence anymore... And what is next? My tires?

    What should I do?



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    You should install a security camera.

    Your vandal may be a pissed off former boyfriend. It has to be someone who knows you own this particular car. Or maybe some jealous girl is paying some loser to vandalize your car, who knows.
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    But where? outside on the trees? how do I get up there lol.. what kind of camera.. I so will if I can figure out how to..

    and definitely not a jealous ex cause I haven't dated anyone since I got to Montreal.. and only my friends know about my car which is like a handful. It has to be someone on my street watching me or something...

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    It'd be easier to give ideas if you explained where your car is parked from where you live. Is it in a parking lot? In a driveway? Along a street?
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    Its along the street. Some times in front of my building which can only fit 3-4 cars on a busy road. Then the other street is a oneway that I also park on. Which most times is full and hard to find parking. There is one crazy situation I can think of... but one of the only ones... is that sometimes I park in this spot that is always taken by a black truck. Today I took the spot just when he got there and he had no where to park... my tail light was fine this morning.. then I come out and its smashed... Arrrgh this is turning into paranoia!!!

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    You think it can be a frustrated client?

    You remember when the incidents happened? If you can find a pattern ( days it happens, days it doesn't ) then I say ask a friend/husband/girlfriend/family member to hide in a car and watch. Might sound crazy and maybe my background in criminology turned me into an idiot ( ) but if you know approximatively when he or she strikes then it's worth taking a chance.

    Or if you live in a house install a camera hidden in something near your car. My aunt wanted to know who was stealing her mail so she hidded a camera in a garbage bag, in the garbage can ( next to the mailbox ). It worked.

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    Not a client cause there is only 2 that know where I live... one is very well known and respected on this board and I am sure many people could vouch he wouldn't do this.. and the other offered help.. so I doubt he would do it.

    The first time it was a Thursday Morning, Next on the Saturday Morning... this was about 3 weeks ago. Then again this Wednesday Morning. It happens sometime from Morning to Afternoon (around 4 am until 12pm-1pm)

    I was thinking there is a way to install a camera from my balcony of my building. That is only one place I park though and it would be hard to see the person but could do the trick...

    What kind of Camera and where to get it, GentlemanJon?

    That is really smart S.A.M!! I will take that under consideration too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitty Karmella View Post
    [SIZE=3][FONT=trebuchet ms]What kind of Camera and where to get it, GentlemanJon?
    Damn, I had 2 places in mind but they are located here in Quebec city, I just saw that you live in Montreal.

    I don't know the Montreal market so I think you should do a google search. I just did one for the Montreal area and plenty of reliable places seems to offer what you are looking for.

    but seems like SAM can help you, his idea is the best, great job SAM. Good luck Kitty, stay strong and don't back down.

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    Oh YESSS!!! THANK YOU S.A.M. AND MERB for being so useful... With that Camera I'll definitely catch that f-cker!!!

    I really hope it works.. who ever this is, needs to be stopped!!!

    Thanks GJ, I will! I will stay positive that this person will get whats coming to them! What a psycho... and I will try both ideas..

  10. #10 really have no idea who is doing this ?

    Usually, when this happens, people have an idea ?

    Did you recently move there and take " someone's parking spot "

    People are real weird about these me, I know of this first hand

    I tend to think that if you could catch someone using the camera, then you can take them to court to recoup the cost...

    Let me tell you a funny story..

    I had someone pissing on the wheels of my car ( it was a dog )

    The elderly neighbors asked this woman not to let the dog piss on their newly paved driveway ( on their property )

    She told the old people " go fuck yourself "

    I was pretty sure it was the bitch's dog that was doing it ( it really was such a nice dog, but stuck with this piece of shit owner )

    " Somehow " her mail got in my mailbox, with a nice letter from the DMV regarding the husband paying fines on a suspended license..

    Do you know the " suspended person " was still riding their motorcycle on the street ??

    I don't know how the cops knew this when they " intercepted " the husband at the end of the block ??

    Next month, they were gone..and the wheels were never pissed on again

    Best Regards


    Harsh language side note...

    The bitch had the nicest little daughter ( really a nice nice kid 2-3 years old )

    I heard her tell the little girl one day " Get in the car you fucking c**t, before I kick your ass "

    Enuf said...
    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    Quote Originally Posted by smuler View Post
    I heard her tell the little girl one day " Get in the car you fucking c**t, before I kick your ass "

    Enuf said...

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    So sorry to hear about your troubles Kitty.

    Wish I can offer some additional advise ,but looks like you are getting quite a bit of advice on this board.
    Sometimes can be random Assholes that just target innocent people for no apparent reason.
    In my old neighborhood people were always getting their cars vandalized but never knew who it was in one case a guy just painted his Porsche. One week later his car had graffiti on it.

    Hope u catch the low life doing this to you.

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    You could also install the camera inside the car....

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    Smuler, great story!

    But i thought you were going to say that you pissed on her mail and then stuffed it back in her mail box.
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    just want to say even reading about this really sucks. quite a helpless situation. People can be incredibly vindictive. My friend had a crazy roommate that would wake up at around 3am and start slamming the doors, like really slamming, to ruin his sleep.

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