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Thread: Respect for ladies of the Industry – Honor your booking

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    Respect for ladies of the Industry – Honor your booking

    For many months, I have been in a position to observe a little more of what is happening in the business, and I do notice a certain trend. Maybe it has been like this for years, but I just started to realize it more in the last 6 months.

    Fake booking

    This is becoming a real nightmare for ladies, and eventually nice gentlemen will start paying the price for some unrespectful men. Canceling an appointment once in while is something that can happen to anyone; ladies, men. I did it 2 months ago, and as soon as I knew, I contacted the lady and apologize. She understood, and she thanked me to have informed her as soon as I knew. A last minute event, an emergency, being sick, car problem can happen to anybody. There can be a lot of valid reasons. But the same person, over and over... UNACCEPTABLE.

    Imagine, a lady accepts a booking. Then a nice gentlemen contacts the lady after, for the same time, and she has to refuse that appointment. The first guy, call at the time of his appointment to cancel or does not even call.
    Result: She ends up with “0” appointment...

    Last week, I was with a lady. She had 3 cancellations for the same night, with a room to pay and at that point, I was the only customer for her night.
    I felt so bad for her, so bad as a man and so angry at these guys...I have so much respect for her, despite that situation, she remained nice and sweet. But in my mind, I told myself, I can’t do much, but I will do what I can and share it with all of you.

    So gentlemen, just a little more disciplined on your planning, a little more respect for the lady and we will all benefit from it.

    We have our party, let’s help our community...

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    Couldn't agree more with you Grenouille.

    I think the exact same way.

    I am a respectful gentlemen and i would hate to pay the price because of a bunch of idiots who has no class nor common sense.

    Thanks for pointing the subject out.


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    You're absolutely right grenouilleforever. Respect goes both ways.

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    It seems like fake bookings and cancellations are at an all-time high. Even worse than no-show incalls are fake booking outcalls. Not so long ago I went to a location, to be told not only I had the wrong house, but I was the third girl to show up there that night! I've always been pretty casual about references but I am seriously considering requiring them for any outcalls to private residences.

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    Agree with the OP. if you're playing games, find another hobby!

    SP's will either:
    1) Start raising prices to recoup lost bookings
    2) Start asking for references as Tianna suggested

    Though I wonder if the SP community has a 'black book' listing for repeat offenders? I might be violating a forum rule by suggesting it, and will gladly repeal it if so...

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    Reliability is the key man....

    I never canceled at anpointement as for me its not something to do, BUT as you say it may happen from the ladies sometimes, we are all humans, but obviously multiple cancellations would be seen as either highly unreliable so no interest for me to keep trying as its too complicated for me.

    I think the problem may be that. I work my ass to manage to get to a booking, this is no easy task... So when i take a booking, im sure of my shot. So i kinda expect the same reliability from the other side.

    But a dude wich live in MTL, maybe for him cancelling is like "oh well no fun for junior tonight" and the hassle stop there... So if he get cancel by the lady, he feels the same and its "no biggy". Its even more true for incall guys... all they loose is gas and time...

    Honestly to cancel a booking i would need to really be in a terrible situation, like high fever pop up in the night and im very sick (the cancellation would be to protect the lady from catching it obviously) or other stuff that could result in arms to the provider.

    But on my side, to cancel it as it depend only on me, it would need to be a big thing, like i get attack and somebody stole my wallet, i get hit by a car or i dunno lol.

    Joke aside, i just think its a mark of respect to honor your engagement, so i always do and expect the same on the other side
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    Quote Originally Posted by BookerL View Post
    Hello all

    This situation has been intriguing me since I started booking escorts many years back!

    Callers Making false bookings the caller identifies himself under a new alias prebook a young lady incall or out, never calls to cancel never show ,it looks like a kids game but played by "mature " men

    I always thought that the thrill was meeting the ladies not to play kiddish games and loosing time of the bookers ,SP's ,Drivers, and putting other meetings late ,when its a outcall with false address ,

    Whats your opinion on this ?Other then it shouldn't happen



    This problem has been existing for long ,most often by people involve in the business .


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    Btw you could say the same about the women...TRUST ME i did pay for it...not only one time ...And did post about it=never said the name cause i am toooo much a gentleman even if they did cross me...even also a very well indy did that too ME...I am just sooo happy that sometimes karma is coming back to them...You have to keep in mind that is always two sides to a story..
    P.S. For myself i never told or said something that i didnt honor....I am a MEN of my word....But in 2015 that rarely exist anymore......
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    You know lately I have been hearing a lot of SP's saying that it's been quiet because a lot of client have been cancelling or not showing up.

    These guys that do this are real morons who ruin it for the guy like me or anyone on MERB trying to book one hot SP to have some quality time.

    But the SP's now start to ask or references and I know some guys a reluctant on doing that but hey it's cause of people not following the rules that we have laws.

    I feel bad because some of the ladies actually just survive doing this line of workl, and the others it helps with other thing to keep up.

    Ladies complerte respect for all of you and I say if you feel weird about a client, you know sometimes we get that feeling, just don't book and maybe one of us from MERB may call you up.

    Just a suggestion and grenouilleforever you made good valid points, and also the others who commented.

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    Yes but on the reverse a lot of girls are very unreliable also. How many times I read reviews of clients booking with girls who just stop answering when the time for the appointment arrives or she goes AWOL or cancels last minute and by this I am talking about all SPs not just Merb advertized ones. Agency girls are also not that reliable they can be late or never show up. Many agencies play the bait and switch game. So you cannot put all blame on guys. The industry in a whole is relatively chaotic.
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    My guess is that the regulars on this website are probably pretty conscientious and respectful about booking. It should go without saying that fake bookings are unethical. But I have to admit I don't understand the cause of these "fake bookings." What's the theory about what's going on? Are they "practical jokes"? Some kind of anti-escorting activism? Mean-spirited expressions of anger at the world? Someone who books with the full intention of meeting and then doesn't follow through--gets scared, gets sick, gets drunk, whatever--is inconsiderate and a real problem for SPs-- but that's different from a fake booking. I'm curious what people think is going on.

    And, by the way, in over twenty years I have never once stood up or, to the best of my memory, even cancelled a date. Hell, the booking is the highlight of my week--why would I cancel?! But I can remember at least half a dozen times when I've been stood up, cancelled on at the last minute (by dates set up days in advance), had two hours turned into one, etc etc. It's a good reason to go with an indy; they have incentives (e.g., reviews) to be professional.

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    Few ladies (Indy) told me the samething about having less business due to cancelation. And I am refering here to established ladies here in Montréal, and as I met them few times, I know that they are reliable. As they were booked, they gad to decline some appointements, and they end up some nighrs with no real "rendez-vous". It is so sad, when most men are reliable. These dummies are making nice guys look bad too.

    I did notice that more and more Indies are asking our Merb nickname. I am fine with that, I have nothing to hide. Those clowns will have to face that reality soon. And they will have to stop fouling around.

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    Fake bookings may come from various sources :
    Jalous boyfriend
    Jalous customer
    Person with a psychological problem

    Who knows? But at the end of the day, it creates situation where ladies are not making the money they need to pay their stuff, and that put extra stress on them. Not too good...

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    Well that's just terrible. I'll add that it's also harder on legitimate clients, not only because it causes stress for the SPs (and the possible need to raise rates) but because they may feel increasingly obligated to go through full screening/verification of new clients, something none of us likes even though we understand it.

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    Ce qui me fait le plus rire, c'est quand une personne dit à une autre personne... Je suis tout près, j'arrive dans 10 minutes... et il arrive 60 minutes tard. Genres certains vols aériens... Si l'avion ne part pas à l'heure, ben c'est à peu près certain qu'il n'arrivera pas à l'heure prévue.
    Once again, it is just à matter of respect...

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