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Thread: Funniest lady that you ever met

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    Funniest lady that you ever met

    Hello all,

    Who is the lady that you had most fun with ? I am not refering to sex, more making jokes, laughing...

    In my case, the first name that comes to my mind is:
    Dec 1st - Sexy Judy (Indy)
    Dec 1st - Nelly Duval (Indy)
    Dec 1st - Sarah (Vogue)
    Dec 1st - Ève (xxxtase)
    Dec 1st - Jasmine (MTLGFE)
    Dec 2nd - Kiki (Indy)
    Dec 6th - Gabrielle (xxxtase)

    Dec 1st - Alycia (Indy)
    Dec 1st - Coralie (Indy)
    Dec 1st - Marie-Ève (Asservissante)
    Dec 6th - Victoria (xxxtase and Delight)


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    the one that to my mind comes first no matter when or where: Jadève.

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    Effectivement, Jadève est une femme amusante, avec qui il est plaisant de parler.
    Et elle a aussi de l'humour!

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    The answer would easily be Nelly Duval.

    I first met Nelly when she was an Indy and later working for FKS back in 2004. She was recommended to me by Doc Holliday who already knew her for a long time. The first time I met her of several times she was an Indy and Holliday made mutual recommendations. I arranged to meet her at the Hyatt where I was staying by email. I had never spoken to her by telephone so I didn't know her voice.

    I then received a phone call purporting to be the Hyatt reception desk. They said there was a young lady there to meet me and should they send her up. I said give me a few minutes and I will be ready. I then heard a knock on the door and it was Nelly and she was laughing. I later believed that Holliday, a known prankster, had put her up to this but he adamantly denied it. He said it was all her machinations. I tended to believe him because she really does have a great sense of humor.

    I never got a phone call like that so it startled me to say the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grenouilleforever View Post

    Who is the lady that you had most fun with ? I am not refering to sex, more making jokes, laughing...
    I had the most fun with Lily-Rose. She's funny, playful, charming, vivacious and seductive. Social time with her was delightful and the sex was too.
    Rick: He escaped from a concentration camp and the Nazis have been chasing him all over Europe.
    Renault: This is the end of the chase.
    Rick: 20 thousand francs says it isn't.
    Renault: Make it ten. I am only a poor corrupt official.
    Rick: Louis, whatever gave you the impression that I might be interested in helping Laszlo escape?
    Renault: Because, my dear Ricky, I suspect that under that cynical shell you're at heart a sentimentalist.

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    Sab ( Aventurières, now retired )

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    Serina of the Courtesans
    Nicole of Eleganza
    Sophia of MTLGE
    Jasmine of MTLGFE

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    Judy and Nelly Duval made me pee in my pants. I had great Laugh with these two fantastic ladies.

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    Katrina of GG - She was the Nicole Scherzinger look alike that had an anglo sense of humor but once the sex started she was all PSE...after the session she was back to making me laugh.

    Leah of Eleganza and later Nadya'ss was fucking hilarious after a few drinks. I'll never forget the first words she said to me after she entered my room: "So I hear you want to eat my pussy, eh?" After the first SOG she was drinking wine while sitting on my lap naked laughing and singing.

    Alicia and Brooke - Montreal GFE - Brooke played the air-head blond and Alicia would point out and translate every stupid comment she made. The laughing started when Brooke called a wrong number to check in that the session was starting. There were lots of giggles and wine spilling during this session. I sure miss those two. Especially Alicia.

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    Pour ma part:

    Actif- Kiki (Indy)

    Non-actif - Anita (GOF)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarbear1966 View Post
    Pour ma part:

    Actif- Kiki (Indy)

    Non-actif - Anita (GOF)
    Kiki... Tu as parfaitement raison, j'ai entendu plein de belles choses sur cette charmante jeune femme.

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    Eve @ xxxtase for sure!

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    No Contest

    Lady Van Horny

    She is the funniest and sexiest woman that I`ve met in the last 5 years.

    Judy and Kiki round out the top 3.

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    Nelly Duval by a mile. She's always in a good mood, loves to laugh and make you laugh, and as EB noted, she can be quite the prankster. And no, i never put her up to the prank she played on EB that time. The first time i heard about it was from EB and she later confirmed it. What's funny is that she sometimes still talks about that prank she played on him.

    She pranked me this summer. She called my room unexpectedly one evening. I didn't expect she'd be calling my room since she had my cell number and that's how we communicated. But she called my room and i didn't recognize her voice, thinking it was either the hotel's concierge or the maid. It went something like "Mr ______?" And i said yes? Then she went on and said something like "Do you mind if i come over and see you in your room?" Even though i expected her later, i hadn't recognized her voice (she had disguised it) and i was sure it was one of the ladies i mentionned. I actually got very nervous and said something like "Why?? Who is this?? Why do you want to come and see me??" And then she chuckled and i realized it was her.

    Serina (formerly of French Courtesans) also had a good sense of humour. But i found that sometimes her jokes were misplaced. I mean, it's tough to maintain a hard-on when there's way too much joking around. I mean, there's a time to joke, and a time to f$*$#, right?

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    Its hard and rare for a girl to be funny on a first date when 90% of your interaction is physical, but it still happens.
    I find that the more often you see a girl and build your chemistry together....the more she opens up and tells you funny stories.
    Anastasia was a lot funnier on her second date with me than on her first.
    One girl I saw many many times was so colorful, funny, sarcastic and spicy that I could write a book about her and her adventures....many of them hilarious.

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