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Thread: Weekly Schedule ! Amanda Roy your favorite curvy Bombshell!

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    Weekly Schedule ! Amanda Roy your favorite curvy Bombshell!

    Prebook only

    Monday Dec 7 - 10am to 5pm
    Tuesday Dec 8 - 10am to 10pm
    Wednesday Dec 9 - 8am to 3pm
    Thursday Dec 10 - OTTAWA
    Friday Dec 11 - OTTAWA
    Saturday Dec 12 - OTTAWA
    Sunday Dec 13 - Booked

    MERB Fidelity-VIP;

    Dear lover,

    Have you ever dreamed of a woman able to combine the innocence of a virgin, love and devotion of a mother and sex-appeal of a call girl? Almost seems too good to be true isn’t it?
    Well, your fantasy might just come true. Wake up, stop dreaming, pinch yourself and make it happen! You’re only an email away from living it.

    Pleased to have you here! I’m known as Amanda; ambitious, energetic and a passionate young woman of 23 years old who bites into life to the fullest. I am French Canadian, although I’ve been blessed with quite exotic features. Some would find my feline eyes similar to those of the Lebanese lovelies. My fleshy lips and curvy silhouette reminds others of hot blooded Latina beauties. I’m a unique blend of sophistication, style, sultriness and intelligence. I stand out with my bright long voluminous red hair, naughty blue-green eyes, delicate peachy skin and Marilyn Monroe-like dangerous curves. My personality is intricate but simple, yet complex in its simplicity.

    Fundamentally curious, I am interested in a large range of fields from Art to finances, dipping in politics and derailing towards technology and sciences. I’m one with a witty spirit thirsty for knowledge of any variety. I feed off animated conversations, well defended debates and advanced topics. Skilled and educated, my charm always seems to rub off once my mouth is open and not busy doing anything else. I’d love to get to know you better beyond the duvet. In my humble opinion, it creates a deeper and more personalized relationship and makes us way better lovers!
    Hedonist by nature, I see my existence on earth as a gift, a perpetual celebration of beauty and pleasures all around. I appreciate each moment in its purity and in its fragility. Lookswise I can come across as a leader female, hard and insatiable but I also am sweet, tender, charming and cuddly. Eternally aiming to please, I will make our moments’ delightful escapes and lustful celebrations. It will keep you coming back for more!

    Chloe Milan said: “When you spend time with Amanda, nothing else matters. She has a gift to make someone feel like the most precious piece of art. You feel unique, admired and respected as a whole. The two hours I’ve spent with her in a cute coffee shop was for me a true revelation; her eyes held my full attention. She truly surprised me with her candor, ‘joie de vivre’ and ravaging charm! A definite must-see!”

    Donations :
    30min - A Brief Taste - $140 (MERB WEEKEND ONLY 120$)
    1h - A Taste of Cinnamon - $220 (MERB SPECIAL 200$)
    2h - Our Unruly Passions - $400
    3h - Bondfire of Luxury - $550

    Let me seduce and bewitch you, let me be your intoxicating Mermaid.


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    One spot left Tomorow
    From 4h30 to 5h30pm.

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