Hi MERB members,

I am Patrick, one of the owner of Adagio.
Me and my partner are really proactive in our Massage Parlor and would like your comments and suggestion to bring your massage experience to the roof.
Customer service is really important and we would love to ear what you have to say about it, what can be done to it to be a better experience for you all.

1 - Services you are looking to receive ???

2 - What kind of experience you are looking at

3 - What type of girl is best (Assets? - Nationality? - Attitude? - Services?...etc)

4 - What would you like to happen when you come to Adagio ? A Beautiful receptionnist that take care of you all the way? Bottle of water? Drink? Coffee? Hockey games in the lobby? in the room?

5 - What kind of post you would like me to post?? Special picture? Special information?

We are looking to make a special room in the basement for Fetish and Domination... would this be a good idea... would this bring you guys at Adagio Dungeon??

We want to know what could be the difference between us and the competition that could make you come to OUR salon instead of the others...

Thank you for your information... Sorry for my english i am french canadian but at least im trying lol.. MERCI!

Thank you all for your support and to welcome us to your community.

Massage Adagio
3411 Sainte-Catherine E, Montréal QC, H1W 2E1