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Thread: The Official MERB Best Agency of the Year 2015 Nomination thread.

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    The Official MERB Best Agency of the Year 2015 Nomination thread.

    Hello all!

    It’s time to start the nominations thread and I voluntered myself! Any help would be appreciated!
    Let’s start with the nomination for your Best Agency.

    I am going to use the same process as Reverdy: the nominations are open until the end of the day Sunday January 3, 2016.
    I will start the official poll very soon after, once all eligible members have been verified.

    Once again take into consideration: design of websites, ease of contact, honesty and friendliness of bookers, accurate descriptions/advertised services/pictures, punctual arrivals/honoured prebooking appointments, general customer service pre- & post- appointments, overall satisfaction with girls etc.

    Please note:

    1. Any agency that has not been determined to be B&S is eligible.

    2. Only members who have registered on MERB by December 20th, 2015, or any date before, are eligible to nominate or vote in the official poll.

    3. A member must have posted at least one review sometime in their posting history.

    4. You can cite honorable mentions here, but only your top 3 choices will be considered for adding to the poll. You are responsible for the order of choices you write down if you post more than 3.

    5. The 3-point voting system will once again be used: 3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place. The poll itself will only record your vote for 1st place; you will be responsible to post your votes for 2nd place and 3rd place.

    6. Make sure that you used this agency (or these agencies, if you nominate more than one) in the year 2015.

    7. No owner or anyone who worked at an agency or acted as a de-facto agent of an agency can nominate or vote.

    8. The top 10 will make the poll.

    As always, it will be appreciated if the mods or members help in identifying ineligible voters during or after the nomination process.

    Good luck y'all!

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    Good job taking the initiative to begin the poll's, Handi. Thanks!

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    Difficult to choose, I'd go with Euphoria, Elite, Vogue

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    My votes:
    1) Vogue
    2) Euphoria
    3) Xxxtase

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    1) Vogue
    2) XXXTase
    3) Euphoria

    Considerable weight given to great recommendation, great handling of my last minute situation when I had booking with A fall through, and my 2nd choice was not available.

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    all three came thru all year
    1- exxtase

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    1. Vogue (to me by far the best)
    2. Mojo

    I have not yet used Euphoria or XXXtase…..

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    1. Euphoria
    2. Vogue

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    1. Vogue
    2. Nadya VIP

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    1.Mtlgfe 2.Xxxtase 3.Vogue
    Time,Dr Freeman? Is it really that time again?

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    2015 certainly was a very strong year for agencies on the scene here in Montreal. Like Eagerbeaver might say, it is like with a salary cap in hockey which in turn makes so much competitive balance throughout the agencies. In the end it is the ladies who help to make these agencies strong and as long as they are treated right, everyone should continue to support each place.

    New kid on the block Euphoria, already in the running for agency of the year after only 8 months in business, Vogue also pretty new as well and a resurgence from Xxxtase. Not to mention up and coming agencies like Elite Companions, Godiva and Gentlemens Choice.

    Always great agencies like Montreal Sex City, Asservissante, Mtlgfe, Nadya's, Satin Dreams, Plaisirs Rebels and Wildtime continue to be a big part of this community and anyone could win it this year as all have some fantastic ladies. We are lucky to have so many agencies to call, so many choices with so many beautiful and diverse ladies.

    I see this being a super competitive poll this year...good luck to all.

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    1 vogue
    2 mtlgfe
    3 montreal sex city

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    1: xxxtase

    Hands down, #1 for me I have been so busy with them that I have not even had time to post reviews hehe.

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    1) Montreal Sex City

    2) Montreal XXXtase

    3) MTLGFE

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