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Thread: The Official MERB Favorite SP of the Year 2015 Nomination thread.

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    The Official MERB Favorite SP of the Year 2015 Nomination thread.

    Hello all!
    Now for the nominations for your Favorite SP.
    I will start the official poll very soon after, once all eligible members have been verified.

    Let's keep it simple.
    The nominations are open until the end of the day Sunday January 3, 2016.

    1. Only members who have registered on MERB by December 20th, 2015, or any date before, are eligible to nominate or vote in the official poll.

    2. A member must have posted at least one review sometime in their posting history.

    3. Make sure that the girl you are voting for is for a session that you had within the year of 2015. Not meetings from prior years.

    4. No owner, or anyone who was the employee of an agency (booker, driver) is allowed to vote. Nobody who has worked or acted as an agent for an independent SP is allowed to vote.

    5. When the poll ends all votes will be verified. Ineligible names will be eliminated.

    6. The 3-point voting system will be: 3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place. The poll itself will only record your vote for 1st place; you will be responsible to post your votes for 2nd place and 3rd place.

    7. Top 9 will make the poll and the 10th spot will be for other names to consider.


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    My votes:
    1) Sofia Bellarose
    2) Katty @ Xxxtase
    3) Zoe Indy

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    I'd go with the spinner trio:
    Zoë Indy
    Isabella D. Indy
    Chloé from Euphoria

    Honourable mentions: Sophie from Elite, Tiffany from xxxtase, Megan from Nadya's
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    My votes go to:
    1- Rose Delacourt
    2- Cinderella
    3- Sophia Bellarose

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    1. Chloe - Euphoria
    2. Gabrielle Garnier - Indy
    3. Isabella Desrosiers - Indy
    4. Megan - Nadias

    Please move Megan up to 3rd if Isabella D. is ineligible due to her retirement. Megan was quite good and a definate highlite of my hobby year.

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    1-daphnée exxtase
    2-bianka euphoria
    3-amanda vogue
    honourable mentions, sarah vogue,maxime nadya's, veronika elite

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    Sofia B
    Flo Champ

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    1. Sophia - MTLGFE
    2. Olivia - Nadya's VIP
    3. Selena - Mojo who is now Britannya Indy on Backpage

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    1- Nelly Duval
    2- [email protected]
    3- Sofia Bellarose

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    1) Delilah Sanregret
    2) Emma Zen
    3) Tianna

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    1) Zoe
    2) Victoria
    3) Aspen

    Honorable Mention
    4) Jaida
    5) Jackie @ MSC (retired)
    6) Alexandra @ Vogue

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    Tianna - Always a great time and awesome in duos
    Maria Divina -
    Rachel at Montreal Mature Plus

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    Isabella Desrosiers - Indy
    Vicky - Mojo
    Virginie - Vogue

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    1) - Jasmine (MTLGFE)
    2) - Rose delacourt (Indy Companions)
    3) - Jezebelle Legend (Indy)

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    My suggestions are :

    1-Neva @ euphoria

    2-Clara Versailles ( indy )

    3-Zoe ( indy ) even if she retired

    I could easily put all those 3 top 1

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