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Thread: Undercover cop car in motel parking

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    Undercover cop car in motel parking

    Should i go see sp?

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    If you want a free trip to jail then yes, definitely...

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    How about telling us where and when this happened???

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    Lily from Montreal
    Ths is not the US,unless it involves minors or drugs Montreal police has other things to do...

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    Yes tell us more please. Is it a fact or a question your are asking?

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    Maybe he's in jail!

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    fucker :)
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    i do Nothing wrong so police wont affraid me

    if you go see minor or forced girl i approve the job they do ... they protect innocent ...

    the only thing i love its 100 % consent people that dont want a girlfriend for now but a exchange of service its correct
    ps: my english is my second language, so its not perfect sorry ... but i try !!!

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    Honestly what make you think it is really an undercover cop ??
    Most probably if this is the case, it is about drugs... or worst

    I am very curious about your answer if any ...
    looks more like someone afraid of... nothing much lol go back to TV to get bad news lol

    I myself goes A LOT (2-3 times/week) to Chablis Sherbrooke and Ideal motels
    and since the "convention collective" with "La fraternité des policiers et policières de Montréal" has ended as 31st dec 2014,
    I can tell you there is not much cops working around sex motels !!!
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    Just like everyone said it might be for drugs or minors or the cops are looking for the pimps that bring their so called gf's there. They are certainly not looking at a guy renting a room alone on a Saturday night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeanjeanxxx View Post
    I would stay away from the motel. That's why since the new Bill C-36 I have decided to stop seeing SPs who do Incall in motels. For me it's only 3-5 stars hotels or condos or apartments.
    Have you heard of one single case, across Canada, of a client being arrested indoor that did not involve an other crime than buying sexual services from someone who is not a minor?

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    How did the original poster know it was an undercover cop, anyway?

    Was he in plain clothes sitting in a marked police car?

    If so, maybe he was seeing a sex worker and changed in the back seat since he always gets lousy service and dirty looks when he goes to the incall location in his police uniform?

    Or maybe it was this very famous Canadian vice cop and everyone just recognizes him when he is undercover.

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    To be clear, it's their official policy that sex work with consenting adults is not an enforcement priority. This means they don't care about clients unless they suspect your SP to be underage or exploited (or even just an illegal immigrant). The answer to you question really depends on who you were going to see. It's best to go with reputable indies or agencies.
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