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Thread: MPGT-1 with Adagio, L'elegance and Mirage Montreal

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    MPGT-1 with Adagio, L'elegance and Mirage Montreal

    I am pleased to announce the first ever Massage Parlour Get Together, MPGT-1 featuring the wonderful, gorgeous, breathtaking and sophisticated Ladies of Adagio, L'elegance and Mirage Montreal (brand new website coming soon) as well as some very special guest's.

    Having met Marilou (L'elegance), Roxanna (Mirage Montreal) and Patrick and Martin (Adagio) at VIP-4 for the first time, i was very impressed with not only their extremely beautiful ladies, but with the professionalism all carried themselves with. As we chatted that evening and the days that followed, the idea of having a party featuring all three of these massage parlours and their lovely ladies came up and it was agreed upon instantaneously.

    In the last several weeks that went by until this moment, it has been nothing but a pleasure to communicate with all 4 owners whether via email, pm or in person meetings that have took place to make this party something to really look forward to.

    Winter is long, cold and depressing at times so what better way to have a mid winter break than spending a evening with several gorgeous women and good friends over cocktails, some food, more cocktails and more gorgeous women. Oh, a few surprises as well

    Only a handful of spots remain guys, so if interested do not wait too long.

    Again, thanks to Adagio, L'elegance and Mirage Montreal for making this one of a kind and first ever Multi Massage Parlour Get Together, happen.
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    You did it again

    Best Regards

    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    Wow, you are quick to post, dare i say you are excited for this event? I know who you are looking forward to meeting at the party and i have been told she will indeed be there

    The hardest thing i have left to do before the party is to try to find a new barstool up to Steely Dan's standards, that guy is hard to please sometimes
    VIP-9 Fall 2016 but first XO-1 The Loft Party!

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    I really hope Anna of Adagio and Jasmine or Mirage both make it to MPGT-1. Both were at VIP-4 and both are terrific MPs. I am looking forward to meeting some of their colleagues as well.

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    Some advice if you have not been to one of these great, very fun parties.
    President of the Maria Star Fan Club.

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    Looks like another great event at the horizon!

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    Iggy I'm speechless of what you have achieved, of course a million thanks to the owners. Can't wait for it to happen and hope to see gorgeous ladies and good friends there!

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    J'espère que Anna de Adagio sera là. Elle et ses amies étaient resplendissante au VIP4. Des femmes de classe.
    Another Epic Night to the agenda!

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    This is going to be an awesome party!!! I'm excited in attending the first MPGT party. Looking forward to seeing familiar and new gents, and of course the incredible ladies.

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    Wow à sticky thread ...Btw just hope too see someday Éva....will see ...Pipo King was awesome that you did talk to them at the last Gt ..cause otherwise i would had not meet them... Thanks again!
    Donner une deuxième chance a quelqu'un qui ta trahi c'est comme donner une deuxième balle a quelqu'un qui ta manqué!!!

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    Can't wait to see the lovely ladies from Elegance as well as Mirage and Adagio. The ladies were stunning at VIP4 and thank you all for making this mid-winter oasis happen. It will be HOT in the city!!

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    Thanks lggy for all your hard work towards this exiting event.
    Truly looking forward to see all those lovely ladies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeresJohnny View Post
    Ah! And as I told you by PM following your invitation, I would have called this event VIMP-1 or VI(M)P-1 or V1MP (à la Se7en)

    Very Important Massage Parlors/People/Party...

    But MPGT-1 still sounds great. I heard Pat98 loves it
    Yup! Indeed... MPGT-1 is very fine by me!
    Thank you Iggy "The Epic Party Planner!" to bring time after time those amazing events!
    2 weeks to go!
    NO Expectations, High satisfactions!

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    Hi EagerBeaver, yes Anna will be there for sure ... Looking forward to meet you there. Cheers


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    Hey Pat,
    Eager Beaver is not the only one who wants to see Anna at the

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