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Thread: Gabrielle Laliberté is back form the North!

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    Gabrielle Laliberté is back form the North!

    The girl is back form the North! Yes, I am back in town after a short writing escapade in the North and full of energy to spend with you.


    Your sweet French Canadian ''secrétaire volante''
    My name is Gabrielle Laliberté and I am a secrétaire volante. A kinky cook. A French Canadian writer. A driven, free, and independent young woman. An insatiable lover. A courtesan proud to be part of the Indycompanion collective.

    This year, I decided to switch it all: new strategies of communication and organisation and ... jump on new adventures! In 2016, I plan on visiting the ROC (Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Newfoundland, and Vancouver), organize my work like a pro, publish different media that transmit the essence of the woman I am. I also plan to create my own web site. In sum, there will be many changes and, mostly, many pleasures to come! That is why I invite you to check out my profile on Indy companion.

    Secrétaire volante : 100 h

    I am passionate about history and I am a lover of words. That’s mostly why I was excited to bring back the older tradition of the secrétaire volante. Wonder what that means? In the fifties, some courtesans were publishing ads and calling themselves like that in the advertising section of newspapers.
    Do you want to use the services of a secrétaire volante? Do you just want some social time in a more classical fashion (share a great meal, a drink, and a conversation)? Do you want to have a first date because jumping into a sexy extravagance? Whatever it is that you want, do get in touch with me and share your desires.

    GFE with an extra je ne sais quoi... 230h

    ++++ A special gift for MERB members in January and February!

    Because I am an insatiable lover who likes to take her time, I have decided to offer special rates for January and February 2016.
    90 min: 280 sweets
    2h : 320 sweets

    Thank you for using your MERB handle when you contact me to be sure to use the deal!

    I certainly am not the first one to offer you a GFE. Indeed, there are many variations on the theme. That’s probably because a girlfriend is a unique person. One that you get to know and love as time passes.
    I never liked abbreviations so I invite you to get in touch with me about all these questions and the kinky details lingering in the back of your mind.

    Mais puisqu’il faut bien se rattacher à quelque chose… I can tell you that I’ve often been told that I have a magical touch. At once comforting, sensual, and terribly exciting. I like to play, to get lost in shared pleasures that can get very intense.

    A few words on me...
    I am one of those who believe that life can and should be better. That we should explore the
    good aspects of it to the max and embrace every opportunity to live fully our desires. Today its
    almost a year since I started in this crazy adventure to become a courtesan and, like Edith Piaf
    said , ‘’Non, je ne regrette rien’’. This allowed me to discover wonderful men and live a full
    sexuality, and without remorse.

    Naturally curious, I am interested by art, history, politics, psychology
    and a lot of other topics. Insatiable lover, writer, community worker, and a cook who is
    passionate about the pleasures of life in the broad sense. I am one of those who
    believe that life can and should be better. I like to take care of those around me. I know how to
    listen and comfort, but I also like to live crazy adventures.

    How to meet me...
    I, just like you, am looking for that rare gem. I prefer quality to quantity. I like to
    meet gentlemen who know how to appreciate a woman's beauty. Our exchanges
    between a meeting are of the utmost importance. Simply to learn more about
    your desires, fears, and fantasies.

    If you want to see me, I invite to you get in touch by email and introduce yourself. Tell me why you want to meet me, tell me what turns you on, what turns you off in life and in bed. Tell me what is missing in your life...
    I have an open mind, open until lack of respect closes it. That means that I don’t like what’s taboo. Like all woman, I have preferences and limits, but don’t let that stop you from sharing intimate details lingering in the back of your mind.

    Here's my schedule for this week :

    Wednesday february 3rd : 10AM-3PM
    Friday february 5th : 8AM-3PM
    Saturday february 6th : 10AM-2 PM

    Highly looking forward to get to know you!


    [email protected]

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    Here's my schedule for this month
    Tuesday 9th : 7AM -6PM
    Wendnesday 10th : 7AM-2PM
    Thursday 11th : 7AM-2PM

    Sunday 14th : 10AM-2PM
    Monday 15th : 7AM-3PM
    Tuesday 16th : 11AM-22PM

    Tuesday 23th : 11AM-2PM
    Wednesday 24th : 7AM-2PM
    Thursday 25th : 7AM-2PM

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