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Thread: AMD64 or P4 ?

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    Question AMD64 or P4 ?

    Well, I decided to ask a question that I know will have both "converts" some people who swear by AMD others by Pentium. I was wondering on your opinions. I'm planning on building a new system.I'd like to use it as a PVR (personal video recorder), to burn DVDs and also gaming. I've come to the opinion that AMD64 is a great GAMING processor. I also know you get more "bang for the $" but if I've also heard that for multimedia P4 is the way to go. I was thinking of a P4 640 (3.2Mhz), Mobo=AsusP4d5...something. ATI All-in-wonder Radeon x800 series g-card, Western digital 250Mg HD. I was hoping to spend approx. $1000. Any suggestions/opinions ?
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    P4 3.0 HT and Nvidia GForce 6800(256) at least, with 2 gigs of ram and an Audigy sound card, you should be good for both.

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    i would choose amd64 939 instead...cause this system will last longer in the long run,wont need to change motherboard and memory etc if you ever want to upgrade the cpu for a bang for bucks...faster than pentium in most case(except video encoding)and dont generated as much heat as a pentium,so you can use "less noisy" 2 cents

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    Just about any high powered system will do the job for you. Just make sure you get separate, not on board, sound and video cards. I would advise against the Western Digital HD though. They do run a little faster than Maxtor or Seagate but we have had such a high defective rate on them that we don't sell them anymore.

    Spiderman05...Microsoft has had a 64bit version of XP Pro out for a few months now and it is perfectly stable and very fast. Dual core CPU's are already on the market and quite competitive in price. We sell primarily Intel processors but the dual core AMD is the best bang for the buck today and faster than the dual core Pentium. But it would cost considerably more than 1000$ for a dual core system.

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