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Thread: Excellent interview with a former sexworker/dancer

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    Excellent interview with a former sexworker/dancer

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    She sounds like an interesting and intelligent woman who has had to overcome some bad breaks in her life. I respect her for admitting that she chose her path in life and she does not insist that she was "trafficked," "pimped" or "prostituted." She does make a vague reference to being exposed (no pun intended) to sexuality at an early stage in her life but she doesn't give any details so it's not clear whether she is blaming anyone in particular for her early entry (16) into the world of prostitution.

    She states that she is not ashamed of having worked as a prostitute and a stripper, but she states that her clients should feel ashamed. I agree that any clients who had encounters with her when they knew she was underage should feel ashamed but I don't think clients who met her when she was of legal age should feel ashamed. The fact that she seems to condemn all clients of escorts is hypocritical. If it's morally wrong to pay for sex, then it's morally wrong to get paid for it. She can't have it both ways.
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    I could not have said it better, CR. I was also surprised by her statement about clients, but it's not clear if she was talking about all of them or only those buying fron minors.

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    Smart woman and great interview. I think she was saying that society generally "shames" escorts, when it by the same token should also "shame" clients. Not quite accurate, in my view, because mainstream society does indeed shame clients too, though perhaps in a different way. Few of us advertise the hobby after all...

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