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    Sex Addicted

    Hi All,
    i am newbie at this forum. i have a question of this forum community and i just hope i will get the best answers. i am sex addicted and now days after sex i feel not good. i feel weakness. so can you tell me what can i do now in this condition. i am doing masturbating and fucking both.

    hoping for the best answers.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Take a fucking break!

    Really you need to stop masturbating and fucking. Give your body a serious break. The more you masturbate, the more your body stress to come. Your testosterone level will raise and you'll feel better. I'd suggest a minimum of 2 weeks of a complete break. If not, go see your doctor.

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    This sounds like a real situation, i don't think there's anything wrong with being a sex addict, its not like you will get drunk or do drugs and go out and kill someone, just go for it, have as much sex as you can and maybe you will grow tired of it. If not just think of your grandparents naked and having sex, that's what i think about when i am going for oral, otherwise i would be done in less then 120 seconds.

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    Think like this, if you use all you energy all the time, there will none left for the end. The body need time to recover.. not if you're 21 yo. and a athlete.
    your body will get use to the un-load and you won't feel anything during orgasm. That's just me.
    But I know what you're going through. I thought I was my self a sex addict/porn junkie.
    Now, I rest and come back with full force. And the girl will noticed ;-)

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    I think that most of us out here are completely addicted to sex but I don't see it as a bad thing,i think it's amazing and beautiful.
    Besides,where else on this universe can you feel like a million dollars for an hour of pleasure and a couple hundred bucks?

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    Those of you who really think it's a problem for them or their surrounding, there is help.

    The site is in french but they host meetings in both French and English in various location in Montreal, Laval and the south shore.

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