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Thread: New Hampshire considers a lot of things relating to sex work

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    New Hampshire considers a lot of things relating to sex work

    Unfortunately, this did not appear to survive a committee vote, as one of the legislators was concerned that married women might get upset if their husbands visited a sex worker.

    On a positive note, it appeared to be true decriminalization instead of worthless legalization with regulation like rural Nevada has. Go New Hampshire, I never knew you were so smart - or at least have three smart legislators.

    I could not find a link, but I read that someone else introduced the Nordic Model, and that got voted down by a more significant margin than the decriminalization bill. So there are more than three smart people on the committee.

    I have never participated in the activity in New Hampshire And I do not know much about the state. It would have been funny if one of the sponsors had listed lost John revenue that goes to Montreal as an economic benefit in addition to the reduction in law enforcement costs that was listed in the actual presentation of the decriminalization bill (I read about the economic benefits in another link).

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    Good for them... Wish there was more debate on this.

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    I suspect there will be a lot of talk, but these things never pass in rural Hicksville.

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    There is an interesting blog article in the link that Patron provided. Read the first and last paragraphs of the blog article which is about 3 actresses who oppose legalizing prostitution and Amnesty International's recommendation.

    First Paragraph:

    After a long and careful consideration of the evidence, global human-rights org Amnesty International has come to the conclusion that decriminalizing prostitution is the best way to "respect, protect, and fulfill the human rights of sex workers." But actress Anne Hathaway played a French whore in Les Mis, so she has feels about the issue, too. Hathway is one of several high-profile actresses, including Lena Dunham and Meryl Streep, who are protesting Amnesty's "Draft Policy on Sex Work," which states that all "consensual sexual conduct between adults—which excludes acts that involve coercion, deception, threats, or violence—is entitled to protection from state interference."

    Last Paragraph:

    Despite the celebrity letter's assertion that "growing evidence shows the catastrophic effects of decriminalization of the sex trade," New Zealand—which decriminalized everything from street prostitution to escort services, living off the proceeds of prostitution, and brothels in 2003—has seen safer and better working conditions for sex workers on a number of levels; increased levels of condom use; and no increase in overall prostitution levels or instances of criminal sex trafficking. Kudos to Amnesty for embracing an evidence-based, harm-reduction-centered, rights-respecting approach to sex work instead of the empty rhetoric of saving women and children by using state violence against them.

    The first paragraph is based on these actresses feelings.

    The last paragraph is based on facts from New Zealand, which has decriminalized prostitution.
    So when will Hillary go to Prison?

    Only the Democrats would have a potential CONVICT as their Top Presidential Candidate. Simply Pathetic

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    deplorable basket case

    New Hampshire is home to the free state project

    and no coincidence bill sponsors Bouldin, McGuire, and Edwards are all free staters

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