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Thread: Latina/Polynesian Beauty, Cutie with a booty! NEW OFFERS!

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    Lightbulb Latina/Polynesian Beauty, Cutie with a booty! NEW OFFERS!

    Seems like everyone is doing a 'Merb Discount' these days, So I decided not to be so conservative, I added A Discounts & Offers Section to my Rendez-vous page.

    RATES are 8.5% off for MERB Members (M.M.)
    RATES are 17% off Hotel Siesta Sessions (H.S.)
    RATES are 17% off for Regular Clients (have seen me more than 3x)

    Hotel Siesta Discount basically means, If you are going to get a hotel room at the siesta rate (4 hour), for the occasion of our session, then receive 17% off. All rates are finally rounded to the nearest even number so you won't be paying with coins!

    You can combined M.M. + H.S. Discounts for 1 hour session only.
    No other combinations are allowed.

    Receive a Free Hour!
    After 5 sessions, get the 6th session extended with a free hour.

    Cinema Date
    $100/120 mins plus
    Receive 17% off the regular price of a GFE session making it $200 with a
    Total of $300/3 hours.
    2 hours at the Cinema and 1 hour GFE session at your place or hotel.
    This applies to the cinema only. There is no exceptions, no movies at your accommodation, etc. Movie theatre can be your choice if you wish for a more discreet area.

    I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break! Now that it is back to work, or your regular routine, hopefully this will cheer you up!

    For those of you who don't want to do the math...

    Rates with discounts

    MERB MEMBER DISCOUNT 8.5% (rounded) $220
    HOTEL SIESTA DISCOUNT 17% (rounded) $200
    REGULAR CLIENTS DISCOUNT 17% (rounded) $200
    M.M. + H.S. 25.5 % (rounded) $180

    all final rates are rounded so you are not paying with coins, etc.

    (438) 822-1728

    Fully booked today - Taking appointments for Wednesday & Weekend only

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    Taking appointments for tomorrow and Sunday.

    1 availability left tonight, No availabilities on Saturday.

    Email/call/text for appointment requests.
    438 822 1728

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    What a beautiful day! I now have some open spots for later tonight. Text or email me for a booking - if email please confirm with phone.

    438 822 1728

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    Taking appointments for the week and weekend. Please visit my site for updates and more!


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    Available on call tonight until 2 am

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