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Thread: Winds of Change Possibly Blowing South into Germany

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    Winds of Change Possibly Blowing South into Germany

    This has NOT passed, and hopefully it will die in "committee", or whatever they call it in Berlin.

    But this is why I am skeptical about "regulated" sex. I know a lot of guys just love going to a giant incall place with an established address, but this system lets the government dictate everything that happens in that incall place.

    I am not sure if the proposed massive "no condom" penalty is for only true bareback, or if it applies to BBBJs too. The discussion on ISG seems to indicate that it would apply to oral sex (if it passes) but the published articles are vague. Certainly a rule like this might get ignored by a private escort and her customer (kind of like ignoring c-36), but how can a giant FKK manage to turn a blind eye without worrying about massive fines.

    I am more of a Southern Europe guy, so hopefully these winds of change that blow from the Nordic countries do not make it over the Alps.

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    You are right and I mention this in reference to Canada or any other country also... Prostitution is best left underground especially the way things were in Canada was best... If it were legalized the government would intervene and regulate everything then it would be the end of GFE. No more BBBJ, CIM, and DFK. Then the prices would go up since the government will begin to apply taxes so it would be the end of low pricing.
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