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    Hi guys,

    I wanna continue to use torrents but I'm getting sick and tired of the emails I get from Bell. Everyone's is suggesting that I should get a VPN.

    Is it worth it? With whom should I signed?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello sweetheart!

    VPN is awesome for pretty much everything!! You can set it up the way you want it Yes, it's worth it !

    Best Regards
    Vanessa Love

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    Last time I tried to download under a VPN it was not downloading....

    I think ISP's are after torrents but since I download directly from its fine because its not in torrent format, didnt received any emails from Videotron since then.

    Not sure if I can plug the website here if not I apologize.

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    I use VPNs to download occasionally, it is fine. Just don't do anything crazy with it. Use a VPN that flushes the connection logs.

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    It is the record companies after major uploaders and downloaders. They are forcing the service providers to divulge information to them then are sent an email. Having said about VPN those free ones are kind of crappy as download speed are restricted you got to use a paid one. Research a VPN with multiple servers and check their data policy... Check to see that they purge all data and also about releasing any data to the authorities.
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    Using a VPN is definitely worth it. I personally use Nordvpn and the service is very good. They are incorporated in Panama so all your info is secure since there is no extradition agreements between Panama and Canada. Google " VPN review" to get an idea of ratings and pricing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramblinman69 View Post
    ... I personally use Nordvpn ... They are incorporated in Panama so all your info is secure in "Panama Paper" safe !!!

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    Well I guess nothing is 100% safe

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    Thanks!! I'll look into it tonight

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    VPN's are a valuable tool, as with anything it is not fool proof.

    The Good
    1) A VPN encrypts the traffic so that you service provider does not know what it is you are sending over their network.
    2) A hides your point of origin, this way it is harder for a copyright owner to identify you.
    3) Allows you to get around a wide variety of content filtering systems.

    The Bad
    1) Encryption add overhead (memory and processing power), which can slow down your computer.
    2) The additional hops (the rerouting of the traffic), can reduce the speed of your downloads significantly.
    3) Some VPN service providers keep logs of your browsing habits.

    What to watch for
    1) A VPN that provides you multiple end points (terminating in several datacenter and countries if possible)
    2) Overloaded VPN services

    As with anything you get what you pay for. The better VPN services are not free, and some of the more expensive services will provide a number of guarantees (availability, congestion, speed) and other benefits such as a large pool or rotating IP address.

    Like french Vixen said, VPNs have other benefits besides hiding your traffic from your ISP. Can allow you to access material that you may not be normally able to, for example GEO restricted content and securing your browsing while using a public hotspot.

    However if you only concern is with torrenting, a much simpler solution would be to use torrent seedboxes. Which allow you to use a remote virtual machine to do all the actually downloading and seeding of the torrents, thereby not using your monthly bandwidth and then using a tool like FTP to download the content to your home computer.

    Anyone that has any questions about this, feel free to PM me.

    I hope this answers your question.

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