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Thread: What kind of compliments have SP given you and you have given SP?

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    What kind of compliments have SP given you and you have given SP?

    Just wondering. Won't share any myself.

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    Very good question.

    Another one would be: How do you feel about SP's or women in general when they make you a compliment? Do you believe it?

    For my part, I will compliment someone when it's deserved. I'd never tell someone she's beautiful, or nice, or anything else if it's not what I genuinely think. No BS. However, I almost always take it with a grain of salt when an SP I almost don't know tells me how unique I am or whatever. Too often they are only trying to get you to come back.

    When a long term relationship is building (with someone you see multiple times for example, any women, even my wife!), I get to know the person better and can get a sense if she's meaning her compliments or not. But my lack of confidence in some aspect of myself sometimes takes over, and I just can't believe it. But that's my problem, not hers. Been bullshitted too often!


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    I am generally too shy to compliment a girl. But I've learned that a compliment can go a long way.
    I wonder if girls ever get tired of hearing it or shrug it off.

    Zoe Indy told me I was very good looking, that she felt that she needed to pay me. She asked me why I even bothered with hobbying.

    I have been told several times that I'm amazing at giving digits.

    I have been told that I'm a good kisser... Don't know if that's true but I did try to learn to get better

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    Lily from Montreal
    Compliments are always appreciated...

    It might not sound like one but when I tell my date ,like it happened at my last meeting that ''you killed me...need a nap...''
    It is a compliment...takes a lot to do that lol

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    She told me "You are a real sexe machine"

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    Where do I begin?

    I was good enough to be written about in a book (Digits induced orgasm), how is that for a compliment.

    I have been told I eat pussy like a woman, in other words, I know how to do it well and have brought a few girls to orgasm that way.

    I have been complimented on how nice my legs are in terms of musculature.

    I have been told that my massages are good enough that I should be paid for them.

    I have been told that I am the BFE they enjoy (I generally will bring food and drink (that I ask them in advance) catered to what they like

    Like Lily for you, I have been told that they need a nap after we are finished, sometimes after foreplay and their orgasm, they do not like to be touched in certain places as it is too sensitive.

    I have been told that they hope to see me again because it was great and fun. (Unlikely to be told that if it was not a good experience.)

    I have told an SP honestly that she is among the most beautiful women in the world in my eyes (Adore of Vogue)

    I have told an SP honestly that she is hotter than some girls that are in Maxim Magazine (Sexi Lexi, retired) while showing her the magazine

    I have told an SP honestly that she was one of the best fucks in my life, our session was pretty much non stop (Lilly Lombard, retired)

    I always tell an SP thank you, and I always tell them I enjoy time spent with them.

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    I've rarely complimented on looks, but will compliment performance or how she made me feel.

    As for compliments received, plenty - from the standard compliments the size/shape of my penis (what a cliche`) to my eyes or taste in restaurants. The only ones I believe are the ones I also get from women I haven't paid for. I will let you guess which one that is. However, within the session itself, I will suspend disbelief (like when you watch a sci fi movie) to allow myself to enjoy the experience. Disbelief comes back 5 minutes after she's gone.

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    I always try to be a gentleman and i always give credit where credit is do, don't blow smoke up my ass and i will return the favor. Theres an old saying: Dont piss down my back and tell me its raining, simply put, if your not enjoying yourself dont tell me you are...

    Thor Jr

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    One SP texted me a couple hours after I saw her to tell me she was still shaking a little bit! :-)

    I've been complimented on my love-making but i usually take it with a grain of salt. Its part of the fantasy, which is cool, and if it sounds genuine, that's more reason to see her again. If it sounds a little forced, but I still enjoyed the experience overall, no harm done :-) If I get no compliment, I feel its usually because we simply didn't click so I probably didn't deserve one that time anyway.

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    Compliment - SP to me : Hurry up, my mouth is getting tired!!!

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    I normally don't like to brag but being that the question was asked, I admit that several ladies have told me I have cute genitalia

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    Quote Originally Posted by PopeDover View Post
    I normally don't like to brag but being that the question was asked, I admit that several ladies have told me I have cute genitalia
    you normally don't like to brag but sho know they are, maybe they knew if they told you have cute face, you normally khnew they boasted

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    A couple of weeks ago, I saw a girl for what was the second time and she told me that she was glad I had called again as she thought that I had very nice lips. I went home and looked at myself in the mirror and still don't get it. But now, I have repeated with her and we have a running joke as I always ask her where she would like my "nice lips" to focus on! Lol

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    Lily from Montreal
    I remember once telling a date that ''he probably heard it so many time but he was really well endowed '' and he said that ''no,it was nice to hear but his real life ladies never said that...''well they should have ...he was really really a nice date...

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    I have been told that i have a cute butt, since i dont check my butt on a regularly basis, who am I to argue
    Do I make compliment sure, but its classified
    "An army of squirrels is still an army"

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