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Thread: Agencies vs Indies

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    Agencies vs Indies

    This is maybe more of a 'poll' like question but from what I see in Montreal with such a mother-lode of amazing agencies and independent women, but what do you like/dislike about each?

    I've yet to enjoy Montreal but with my experience so far in other places, here's a starter list:

    Agency Pro:
    -lots of variety,
    - ever changing (so if you don't like what you see today, check back tomorrow),
    - bookers who can help if you have an issue (some do, anyway),
    - usuallly cheaper

    Agency Con's:
    - hard to build a repoir with someone you might connect with (unless you get personal contact info during your meeting)
    - if there is someone you like, they move on frequently/hard to track
    - scheduling for a specific woman is harder (for many reasons, as some posts allude to)

    Indy Pro's:
    - typically more professional (maybe not as many BP/A123 girls, but those with websites or regulars on MERB, generally), so you can rely on time/place more confidently
    - you can get to know them better beforehand/afterwards ( I find this a great part of the hobby: the buildup, even if its friendly, non-sexual banter to get to know each other better)
    - more pictures/info to know who you're meeting

    Indy Con's:
    - usually more expensive (tho in business-speak, (1) you usually get what you pay for, and (2) prices usually go with supply/demand, so if someone raises their prices and keeps them there, they probably have the business they want/need.
    - those that travel can be hard to mesh with your schedule
    - more selective/cautious (this is usually a GOOD thing but what I mean here is: if there's something you inadvertently say/do that raises their concern, they may not give you the benefit of the doubt and not answer/meet you).
    - generally fewer, so the variety within a given, desired 'type' may not be available

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    There was a thread about this not too long ago.

    The poll was largely about reliability, with agencies coming out on top--but there was some general discussion along the lines you're suggesting.

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    Thanks talkinghead. I guess I didn't look far enough back when I did my search! 2014 is like a BILLION years ago in SP time! ;-)

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