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Thread: Tinder Pimping

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    Tinder Pimping

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share something I found out last night with you. I'm sure we all know about Tinder. Last night I heard a strange story from a friend. She said that a hot girl she had matched with, messaged her admitting she's an escort and wondered if my friend would be interested in doing the same. Now she's an extremely open minded girl and even though she doesn't know I hobby, she knows well what my views are on escorting. At first I thought this would be one of those cases of a fake profile or something but I saw the actual profile! It was an escort who has been mentioned on merb even though I haven't seen her personally.

    Just wondering what everyone's views are on this and whether any ladies here would be comfortable doing the same.


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    nothing surprises me anymore lol.
    I can say that a merb advertiser who is an agency with one of the biggest rosters..recruits via facebook, they sent messages to 2 of my friends (who are not sp's, dont go clubbing and both have jobs)
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