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Thread: Massage techniques you use on MPA

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    Massage techniques you use on MPA

    From what I have been told by MPAs most guys are not into the massage part of the session but for the TERBs who enjoy the actual massage, what are some of your fav moves both ways - you massaging her and her massaging you ?

    I like to keep the massage strokes as long as possible and in slow continuous flow

    For example, I just do not stroke part of the leg but the whole leg, including the foot, one hand following the other, all the w in the MOay to the hip, then one hand glides under the hip then back down the leg to the foot with the other hand on top and in synch with the bottom hand

    Both hands are fully placed on the body I and go very slow - it helps to close your eyes as this helps you concentrate on the body and slows you down

    I look for signals. If she winches when I use pressure on a body part, for example behind the knee, I use light pressure, if she seems to enjoy the effleurage stroke I will continue for some time.

    Each stroke has subtle variations. Pressure may be applied by the heal of the hand on one stroke with fingers closed. Next stroke the pressure is light with fingers spread.

    By continuous flow I mean I go to an adjacent part of the body IE do one leg then the other leg not arm/ leg then arm/ leg

    And I use tons of oil if she is cool with it

    Some MPAs want powder but that causes too much friction IMHO

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    The best part of a sensuous massage is the neck/head/shoulders

    Get a RMT to do one on you and you will understand WTF I mean. Lot of tension in that region and nerve endings.

    While standing behind her head, go slowly straight down on both sides of the neck with hands fully on body down just above the breasts and do circular motions. Now around the shoulders and down the biceps as far as you can reach then back while reaching under to the neck until you reach the bottom of her neck, now scoop the neck into your hands without pinching then let it slide through now up to the bottom of her head to the occipital ridge where the ligaments connect. Go no further so you do stretch ligaments then pause while cradling her head then gently rock. Repeat. When on the side of the neck gently rock with the flat part of your fist slowly moving down until you reach shoulder bone then flatten your hand and stroke as for down the arm as you can.

    For face, use thumb along and just above eyebrows and along each side of her nose. Use your full hand down the sides of her face to under her chin then back to top. Never lose contact between you hands and her skin and GO VERY SLOW.

    Remember to wash hands of lotion esp if you have just massaged her feet.

    For scalp place fingers spread now move scalp without moving fingers as well as running fingers through hair. Finish by clinching hair between fingers the gently pulling but ask before giving scalp/face massage .

    When done put some aroma oil in your hands, that you have brought, and warm it up by rubbing it in your hands. Hold you hands side by side a couple of inches above her face then slowly drop your hands to the side of her head without touching the head then bring them back together. Repeat allowing her to breath the scent.

    Now it is time for her to massage you to finish.

    Give her a nice hug before leaving so she will tell other MPAs how good you are. Next time they have an apprentice she may join in as you are now a good guy.

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    I secretly have an extreme weakness when an MP massages the back of my neck. I either lose all the energy in my body or I fall asleep.
    For me it's bliss

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