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Thread: review of Katryna from Dangerous Curves

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    review of Katryna from Dangerous Curves

    I recently tried to book Jessica with Dangerous Curves. Was disappointed that she was not available, but reading some other posts, she seems (I'm being polite) hard to get a hold of.
    I ended up seeing Katryna instead. On the upside, she is gorgeous. She's young and petite, and her face is beautiful...full of sweetness. She's brunette, not blond as shown in her pics, but I think that makes her even better looking. Goes with her soft brown eyes.
    However, she's very quiet and shy, and unfortunately, so am I. A more aggressive, talkative client may have a better experience with her, or maybe she just needs to get warmed up (I think she's a debutant). Or maybe I just made her uncomfortable?
    She did cbj and I can't remember if we did DATY or not. Everything seemed to be out of a sense of duty and she mainly wanted me to shoot my wad.
    She's probably a nice girl, and I'm sure she was trying to do what she thought would make me happy, but I don't know if I'd repeat. As much of an a--hole as I am, I felt bad after fucking her.

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    If Katryna is brunette, that is a fairly recent development as I saw her 3 times in 2005 and she was a blonde each time. Did she give you any info on when this hair color change occurred?

    BTW agree with you on her looks - her service gets better with repeat visits and as you gain her trust. She's an extremely nice girl with a low key personality.
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    Why is this review in the Lounge section?

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